What Service reviewed all recent scientific studies

What is noise


 Noise pollution are harmful or annoying levels
of noise example: traffic noise pollution, gadgets like food mixer, grinder,
vacuum, washing machine and dryer, cooler, and air conditioners they all can be
very noisy.

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What causes
noise pollution?


  We might ask ourselves everyday why is there
too much sound?  well I am going to
answer that but it is going to be my opinion. Well in my opinion why is there
too much sound in the world is a simple explanation example when you are riding
your car and another car just stops out of nowhere and you are in a real hurry
you would need to beat now you may ask why does it have to be a loud sound why
can I not be a paper that says move well anyway the reason it is a really big
sound is because the other needs to hear you if you were using the paper the
guy in the other car most possibly not look in the mirror so that leads to the
car not moving at all.


 Why is noise pollution harmful on humans?


  Noise pollution affects both health and behaviour it can ruin psychological
and physiological health. It can cause hypertension, high stress levels,
tinnitus, hearing loss, sleep disturbances, and other harmful effects.



  Why is noise pollution
harmful on animals?


   Hearing loss and rapid increase in heart rate are some of the ill
effects of noise pollution on animals. It is also a very high level of animals
feeling fear which might cause species to abandon their habitat.



  How are animals affected by noise pollution?


   Sound produced by cars like
(trucks, cars, buses, trains) or oil and gas and urban sprawl change the way
animals communicate. Also animals that live in protected National Parks in USA
are hearing higher levels of noise. Dr Jesse Barber and Dr Kevin Crooks
of Colorado State University and Dr Kurt Fristrup of the USA National Park
Service reviewed all recent scientific studies examining the issue. They found
that human noises is also a cause in this habitat that we will live in.





 Here are some ways we control noise pollution:


1.    Turn off Appliances
at Home and offices.

2.    Shut the Door when
using noisy Machines.  

3.    Use Earplugs. 

4.    Lower the volume.

5.    Stay away from
Noisy area.

6.    Follow the Limits
of Noise level.  

7.    Control Noise level
near sensitive areas.

8.    Go Green by
planning trees.


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