What But it’s not impossible, think about

What is the future of AI?

“Siri, Play some music.” I think
you’ve heard this a lot recently. But the question here, what is Siri? How it
works? And what is next? Well, I guess you know some of the answers, however
this article has been made for you to get you the specific answers. So, turn
you imagination as we have a long trip discovering some answers about the
future of the artificial intelligence.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI),
became the most common used technique in all machine manufacturing in the 21th
century, and all because of the mathematics. Yes mathematics, the study of mathematical logic led directly to Alan
Turing’s theory of computation, which
suggested that a machine, by shuffling symbols as simple as “0” and
“1”, could simulate any conceivable act of mathematical deduction. But
we’re going to ignore that history right now and talk about human curiosity and
passion to figure out more applications and techniques.

Most of the AI applications now,
is based on “deep learning” – which is also called “generative model” – , and
that means, we’re going to give the machine tons of information and data, and
it will create by itself something similar. In other words, if you want a
machine to create a novel – and it’s possible of course- you have to give here
tons of novel and she will create a new one for you but it won’t be 100%

And here we came up with a new
question, can a machine create something creative? Well, so far the answer is
no, it will only create what it trained to do. But it’s not impossible, think
about it and here’s a new question, can we learn the machine to be creative?
This answer is hard to find. “Just a few years ago, who would have thought we’d be able to teach a
computer what is or is not cancer?” says Arvind Krishna, Senior Vice President
of Hybrid Cloud and Director of IBM Research.

Now, let’s get back to Siri, Siri is
designed as a human language personal assistant.  This means you should
talk to her just like she was a human, and if she can do what you are asking,
it should work.  You can experiment by asking her almost anything.
 You might be surprised at just what she can understand or even some of the funny
questions she can answer. So, Siri is
an obvious and common application of artificial intelligence.

Are your Imagination still on? Ok
good, because we’re about to answer the most important question, which is,
what’s next? First we will tell some of the stunning projects of AI in
different fields, such as, Brain-inspired, Cognitive architectures, Games, Knowledge
and reasoning, Motion and manipulation, Natural language processing, etc. and
all of these fields are considered a specialized project and there is a
multi-purpose projects as well in the fields of software libraries, and GUI
frameworks. It sounds a little bit hard to imagine, isn’t it? Let’s make is
simpler, did you hear about the self-driving car? Did you know that Intel
predicts 7 trillion dollars self-driving future? Most of the cars nowadays, are
computerized to give you a better driving experience and luxurious trips.
Recently they developed this machine to be a self-driving machine by inputting
huge data through the cameras and sensors in your car, but still with some
limitations, now, you don’t have to go pick up your car from the garage or the
parking, just let it come to you. And now they trying to develop it to be a
self-driving car on the road as well. If you watched I-robot –the movie- you
will be imaging this very easily. And yeah the world does have robots like the
movie but it’s not complete to be available for public use.

 Imagine our lives with every single thing
computerized with AI, it will be amazing, having a robot that makes food for
you, clean dishes, do your homework, or even massage your body. But it’s also
terrifying, knowing that someone can possibly hack it a makes a hell out of
your life. I used to believe in a quote that says “Too
much of anything could destroy you, Simon thought. Too much darkness could
kill, but too much light could blind.” But this is still my own perspective.
What’s yours? Imagine and think wisely about what Artificial intelligence can
do in the future. You got to answer this question yourself, what is next?

you for reading this article, I hope you enjoy it.



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