VARDEEP compare essays as well as research essays.

ESAL 0580
My earlier experiences with writing
Nothing is “easy” to learn not even writing. Writing is a good habit because most people
like to do, they write auto-biographies and biographies. From my personal experience of writing,
I do many activities such as attend the classes, wrote an essay and was doing hard work to
achieve goals about writing.

To begin with, my major step about writing was attending classes to gain my knowledge.
In my last semester at TRU, I have learnt and done the basics of writing such as how to make a
good sentence formation with a good grammar and punctuations. Moreover, how to fix idioms
and phrases to clarify the ideas or points in a unique way. Additionally, by doing writing in class
I came to know about the different types of structure of writing notably the strong thesis
statement, hook and a valid conclusion, whereas, it was not in India.
Secondly, I like to do write something during my free time like essays, stories and
paragraphs in my own way that I learnt in my school. Furthermore, I wrote an essays in varied
way of formats for an example MLA style and APA style. These two modes of writing were new
for me, I was not familiar with them. In fact, I have done essays in various types for especially
simple essays, compare essays as well as research essays. Although, I never heard about this kind
of things before but at TRU I completed.

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Thirdly, as I have told in above information that mostly I do write in my pass time
because it is better activity to spend time. In all honestly, I noticed that there is an improvement
in my writing that today I know how to do essays a paragraph or something else in a unity as
well as plagiarism free. Because there should be relevant ideas not the ideas that are out of task.
As a matter of fact, here still I am learning and doing. I got an information about how to create a
quotations and citations namely reference, and work cites.
To sum up, with the help of attending classes and wrote an essay, I achieved my goals
about writing. Along with this, all the things that are required in the best writing, I have attained
through the above ways. In my personal experience, now I can do the best writing as compares
to past. It is true that, I like to do write many things, but I want more improvement by giving my


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