There a different opinion than most of the

There is always
people that are different than most people in every society. Difference of
opinion causes society to judge people or people to judge society, thus making conflict.
This is shown as true by looking at Bernard Marx, John the savage, Linda
(john’s mother), and Helmholtz Watson. Bernard doesn’t accept the world state
but he still tries to be a part of society. John was judged by the savage
reservation and he judged the world state, so in both places he either is not
accepted or he doesn’t accept it. Linda is judged by the savage reservation and
is also judged by the world state so she is not accepted in both places. Lastly
Helmholtz judges the world state. Bernard Marx first did not want to be
accepted into the world state, then wanted to be accepted into the world state.
At first, he had a different opinion than most of the people in the world
state. Nobody judged him at first but once he brought John and tried to gain
popularity, trying his hardest to fit in. Also, he gets too egoistic then
people started to judge him. He talks about how he has this anger and disgust
to people that reject him but cowards and hides when faced.


John the savage
wanted to be accepted in the savage reservation but was not accepted there. He
didn’t want to be accepted into the world state but people accepted him there.
John didn’t get what he wanted so he ended up killing himself after realizing
he is not going to be accepted and/or he is never going to accept society. He
is the only person in brave new world born naturally from a mother, which makes
him a unique human being with an identity in the novel. Since he was born
different, and that he is unique it makes him have a different opinion than
everyone else. From page 106-118 it shows John’s childhood and the troubles he
had to go through, he didn’t have conditioning so he never hated books and
flowers. He was conditioned but not as hard as the people in the world state.
In page 106-118 it shows how he was mistreated in the savage reservation even
though he wanted to fit in. So, in both societies he was isolated and forced to
be alone.

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wanted to be accepted in the world state but instead she was looked down on and
they decided to kill her. The savage reservation also did not accept her, but
she had to accept to live in the savage reservation since she was too
embarrassed to go back to the world state with a baby. Once she came back the
world state didn’t want her, and she obviously would not have gone back to the
savage reservation so they gave her enough soma that it would eventually kill
her. The main reason John was isolated was because, of Linda but the reason
Linda was isolated was because of leaving the world state and the need to be
conditioned from drugs and alcohol. Since she went from a society where she
would take soma every time she felt an emotion to a society where none of that
takes place. She has to condition herself with drugs and alcohol, it’s
basically wired into her brain from birth. She accepted the world state and its
society but once she came back the society just ignored her and tried to get
rid of her because, she looked “disgusting”. She had a different opinion than
others in the savage reservation and for that they judged her and abused her.


Watson was accepted in the world state society but he judged and he wanted to
do more than just be in the society. He wanted to see how they would act if
something they were taught something that they were wired to not like. Even
though he knew he would get in trouble for sharing a poem with his class that
he made (page 157-158). Helmholtz is like Bernard but more emotionally stable
compared to him, Bernard went and overwhelmed with anger and became very egoistic.
Helmholtz is more of the voice of a useless life, he has something he wants to
say but he can’t find what to say. Helmholtz and John seem to be the most human
characters in the book but Helmholtz shows more of a popular problem. He shows
that he wants to explore more but can’t, as he is also conditioned.


4 of these characters in the book show a few signs that they either don’t
accept society or that society doesn’t accept them (or both). In the end
society accepted Bernard but he did not accept society. The savage reservation
is where John accepted the society, but he was not accepted there. In the world
state John was accepted into society but he didn’t accept that society. Linda
had no choice but to accept the savage reservation, but the reservation did not
accept her. Linda also, accepted the world states society but they didn’t
accept her so they killed her. Lastly, Helmholtz was accepted into the society
but he didn’t accept the society because, he finds that society to be boring.
Helmholtz is bored with the recreational sex and soma, because that’s what a
lot of society is in the world state. Every society there is, there will always
be one or more people that have a different opinion on it than most people
which could make people judge since humans don’t like change.





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