The one, because it has the lowest

implementation of the new system happens when the new system replaces the old
system. System changeover is the process which changes the old IS. There are 4 methods of implementing a new system. Using one of these
methods it’s possible to replace existing manual system to the new FMIS in the
company. These 4 methods are:

1)      Direct

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this method the new system cuts and overwrites the old system. In other words,
as soon as the new system starts working, it shuts down the old system. This
method is one the riskiest changeover because if something happens in the
system, it’s almost impossible to revert back the old system. On the other hand, if the system failure has low chances to go down, in
that case this method is meant to be the best to use.

2)      Parallel

this method, the old and new systems run simultaneously for a specific period
of time. Among all methods, this method is considered to be
the most famous one, because it has the lowest risk. If in
the system something is gone wrong, the whole system can be reverted back. When farmers are satisfied that the new system operates
effectively and efficiently, the old system is taken offline, and the new
system will be fully activated.

3)      Phased

this method, the new system is implemented separately stage by stage. Benefits
of this method are less expensive and isolated errors. And drawbacks would be
it takes long time to finish as stages are implemented one by one.

4)      Pilot

this method, the new system is implemented at a selected location before it’s
launched to the company. It’s usually used by big organizations that owns many
locations. The location that is implemented this method will be known as Pilot
site. The old system keeps operating, and if the system shows that it’s being
successful that uses Pilot site, it’s fully implemented to the company.


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