The some resources, makes it impossible to maintain

development of technology is the basis for the establishment of the New Order,
beyond the geopolitical struggles that we see.

should be noted that, at the same time, a false discourse has been developing
in the alternative media for years, whose main function is to divert attention
and generate false hopes and expectations, so that a large number of people who
call themselves woke can swallow the lie that there is a change or a rebellion
against the elites.

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is the way to get these potentially rebellious masses of people to believe that
they have won the battle and accept the foundations of the New Order.

the reality is unalike.

of the maneuvers that go against the “evil elites who control the
world” had already been foreseen and calculated earlier by those same
elites, who are designing the New Order.

alternative media has for years inoculated us with the concept that all the
power of the elites lies in the control of central banks and the issuance of

was true of the old model we are about to abandon. The issuance of trust money
and the generation of debt were a crucial instrument to seize what has real
value: raw materials and all natural resources.

that system of functioning will cease to be applicable in the future that these
same elites are planning. Moreover, it will be because of technological
development, which is the key that changes everything and the force shaping
future socio-economic structures. Technological development, combined with the
increase in population and the scarcity of some resources, makes it impossible
to maintain the old structures of the system in operation.

things will have to change in order to adapt to the new situation, which has
been planned for a long time: the central banks are going to disappear, or at
the very least, their power will gradually fade away.

digital age has changed everything. The money too. This is how the so-called
“cryptocoins” are born, which are digital units created as a means of
payment in the virtual world and have gradually become an investment method
because of their ability to acquire value and reliability in the market.

concept behind blockchain, bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrencies in
general were meant to function as a new, decentralized form of money without
the power of an intermediary institution, something that sounds a little bit
too good to be true.

concept turned into a system entirely dominated by just a handful of people:
two Chinese miners, Antpool and DiscusFish/F2Pool, take up more than half of
the blocks created. Based on free electricity and calculating power, they are
able to modify the rules at will.

no one is talking about is the lack of consumer protection. The further that
they are developed, they could significantly alter the way in which financial
intermediation is conducted with monetary, exchange rate and financial
stability implications. As assets, they are subject to liens on equity and
capital gains.

addition, the network is on the edge of collapsing, technical wise. The
mechanisms that should have prevented this outcome have crashed. Consequently,
nowadays there is no reason to think BTC or other cryptocurrencies can perform
better or be more beneficial than the monetary system we already live in.

problem of blockchain is in its design: the dependence on mining, an industrial
activity based on the provision of infrastructure, places any blockchain
product in the custody of anyone who succeeds in attracting large-scale

growing dependence of the blockchain system on miners not only tended to make
the stability of bitcoin and its derivatives dependent on a limited and
decreasing number of agents, but in the long run they could change the rules of
the game.

and blockchain are systems that at the end meet the logic of large scale, their
own structure eliminates the control/capture of central banks to replace it by
the possibility of capture by those large masses of capital that do not find
today where to be placed.

central banks already have little democratic control through political or
market representation, what can we expect from a couple of Chinese anonymous
millionaires? To be replaced by their even greater colleagues on Wall Street or
the City of London?

do not believe the lies of alternative media that tell you that the collapse of
central banks is a “rebel victory” or an “elite coup”. You can already guess
where that speech comes from and what its real function is.

all know that crypto coins are the future. However, it is naive to believe that
they have emerged coincidentally and caught the wicked central bankers unprepared.

government administration may be responsible for the birth of the
cryptocurrency space. Therefore, it is completely under their control, which is
why there is a chance that they are using Bitcoin, whose creation for years has
been surrounded by a mysterious mist, as a first step, a global experiment to study
the introduction of crypto.

a goal, they aim to allow the public to become familiar and trustful of cryptocurrencies
before eliminating them as private property altogether, to afterwards substitute
them with one government-controlled cryptocurrency.

new currency would utilize a blockchain that is under the complete control of
government, and at the same time, the authorities would eliminate the usage of
all physical currency. What this means is that they are allowed to ban physical
dollars and all privately issued cryptocurrencies to then enforce a economic
system that is constituted entirely on electronic money, completely dominated
by government authorities.

would eliminate the underground economy and allow the currency to impose any
level of negative interest rate it sees appropriate to accomplish its inflation

the same time, because of the impracticality of exchanging paper money, it
stops the average individual from hoarding it to escape the loss of its acquiring
power. The government is now granted full power to monitor every transaction on
the new currency blockchain, using the pretext that it is simply a maneuver to
decrease tax evasion, money laundering or secret criminal activity.

should not come as a surprise, since this way of economical thinking is
congruent with the long record governments have with the interest of migrating
away from gold-backed fiduciary currencies. The main purpose of these
cryptocurrencies is to push interest rates into negative territory in order to
increase monetary velocity and supply.

the authorities are just studying how cryptocurrencies develop, their
applications and how people respond to them, to afterwards allow the central
banks to take over. It will appear that they regulate nothing and that
everything works alone, without “very bad bankers controlling everything
from the shadows”.

it is most probable that things will not work that way. New models of economic
and social control will be established, making the old structures obsolete.

which is the testing ground of the New Order at all levels, shows us this very
clearly: Beijing decided to follow the well-known maxim, “if you cannot beat
them, join them”.

organizing a special research group in 2014, the People’s Bank of China
intended to gradually introduce its own digital currency, making the Chinese
regulator the first national bank to issue it.

`           The bank is currently studying a
number of existing cryptocurrencies such as BTC and others, the main feature of
which is their decentralized nature, i.e. they are almost impossible to control
by the financial authorities.

is trying to avoid ceding this emerging market to private companies while the
population already frequently uses online payments in all transactions. Today,
most Chinese people prefer to scan a QR code with their cell phones rather than
insert a coin into a machine to buy a can of glue.

introduction of the digital currency by a national bank would hardly matter to
those accustomed to online payments, however, is extremely important for
sellers, because instead of receiving money directly from customers, they could
get digital payments, drastically lowering transaction costs.

to Duan Xinxing, vice president of OKCoin, one of China’s largest currency
exchange houses, “The digital currency would ensure that the People’s Bank of
China would be able to control risks in the financial system and monitor
transactions on an economy-wide basis.”

better understand the model of the world to which we are heading, we could use
something like a visual metaphor.

could define the world in which we have lived until now as a huge complex full
of walls, doors, corridors and rooms. A place where we had no freedom to move
wherever we wanted. To gain access to a room, we always had to go through a
door, where we had to ask permission from a guard and present the relevant

was, in a way, defined and controlled from above, by some directors who gave
instructions from loudspeakers or tortured the people with long speeches full
of promises. As time went by, they replaced the harsh voices of the old abusive
leaders with closer and more sympathetic voices that made the average person
feel better and spoke to them with more respect… but nothing really changed.

great complex delimited by innumerable walls and rooms, was the only way to
control the “human flock”, because there was no other way to achieve
it due to the lack of efficient control technologies.

technological development is making that old complex of high walls and armed
guards obsolete. None of that will be necessary to control the masses anymore.

world is heading to a gigantic and diaphanous concentration camp with no
apparent limits. The human flock will be confined in an open space with no
visible walls or restrictions, surrounded by a sort of force field. Within the
limits of that concentration camp, we can organize ourselves as we please. At
least, that is the way things seem to be.

having crypto coins that appear to work on their own and 3D printers to print
the products, people design themselves. The police officers and guards will be
replaced by algorithms and hidden cameras, which will give a false sense of
freedom. People will be more guarded and controlled than ever before, but
without having to cross their gaze with a rough and intimidating uniformed
guard. When they misbehave, there will not be three big cops coming to beat them
up, they will be simply struck by lightning.

own self-management will generate the illusion of freedom.

we wanted to break down walls to escape; and we had that impulse because the
wall was there, covering the landscape and projecting its dark shadow; but if
there are no walls, the illusion is generated that we are free, and no one
thinks of escaping. A self-confined and self-controlled system is generated.

ourselves will be our own wall.

stark reality is they will have total control over the people. In addition,
they will do so by the simple fact that we will be 100% dependent on the raw
materials and technological devices supplied to us from corporations controlled
by the high spheres.

used to live in a world of hammers, nails and wooden boards. In order to be
able to live, more or less everyone could build a hut and plough to cultivate
the land. We are now in a world of microchips and high frequency computing and
in order to live, we need a smartphone and a computer.

freedom will be achieved when critical thinking that promotes social, human,
psychological and spiritual change, as well as cultural, economic and
technological change conquers our society, but if we put all our hope in
cutting-edge science and technology, we are doomed.

whose hands would be all or most of these technologies and how and for what
purpose would we use them? In the meantime, what do we do? In order to have
cheap, low energy needs and high energy-efficient technologies that are easily
usable and meet all or most of our material, cultural and other needs, how many
years will it take?

current currencies are not directly supported by anything more than confidence
in the currency itself, and this allows governments to make major interventions
on the economy, as experienced in the housing crisis of 2007.

current system is very imperfect, however, it allows central banks to control
credit or price stability by expanding or contracting the amount of money in
the market.

the other hand, there is the hypotheses that a bitcoin-based world economy
would be a return to the gold standard, i.e. the rigid supply of currency,
since this cryptocurrency will cease to be produced when it reaches 21 million BTC.

of the total bitcoins have already been extracted by the miners and the
difficulty of their extraction grows exponentially (every time the growth in
number of bitcoins is slower, the system has been designed this way).

universal use of BTC would mean stripping governments of monetary policy and
being able to shrink and expand the monetary mass when they need it, forgetting
the lesson we learned in the Great Depression. Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi
Nakamoto, explained in his white paper that bitcoin would eliminate inflation.
That is why bitcoin attracts gold bugs and anything contrary to government
intervention in the currency.

are experiencing a contradiction in which more and more voices are calling for
the elimination of physical money to combat tax fraud and criminal activities,
while at the same time giving credibility to bitcoin, which makes it even more
difficult to monitor transactions. Sweden is making progress in reducing the
cash share of its economy. Every few years, Spain limits the amount of money
you can pay in cash for a transaction, forcing you to identify yourself
electronically. How is this compatible with a currency that leaves no trace of
who issues and receives a transaction? How does this help the fight against
fraud and crime? How many bitcoin inverters are tax compliant?

is also talk of ecological disaster. We are emitting between 8,000 and 13,000
kilograms of CO2 into the atmosphere for each BTC extracted from mainly Chinese
farms whose electricity comes from coal. Inefficient even if people are looking
for creative applications.

is fashionable currently, and we follow like sheep: however, when we dig deep,
we see the many flaws that it would represent as the weapon of choice of the
New World. There must be another way to combat the elites, one that is not as
rushed in and utopic as this one.


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