Home Research PapersThe product platter offered by the company is made of a plethora of collection and sub

The product platter offered by the company is made of a plethora of collection and sub

The product platter offered by the company is made of a plethora of collection and sub?brands, each of them the King of the respective Brand segment. The market spectrum is populated by Low end (Geneva Brand) and Luxury brand (Patek Phillips Brand) the average process pit at $10 for the former and $90000 for the latter.
The Geneva Brand Watch
Conventional channel with an indirect distribution is recommended for the company to place their products among whole sellers to agents or retailers as this will result in product distribution into a plethora of markets owing to the unique selling point, namely “Low cost convenience”. In turn retainers would showcase and employ salesmen to sell them and thereby share the resultant profits with distributors. This would aid the prospective customers to experience the product virtually in supermarket, and the watch stores. These extensive channels provide a wide range coverage to thee products, covering a number of pricing options and target a number of segments of customers. This aids the company to create voluminous sales.
The Patek Phillips Brand watch
A vertical marketing system with a direct channel which would result in controlling a centralized management over all aspects of the business is recommended in this case. As this would predict challenges and place a mechanism to increase marketing efficiently. Excellent communication and coordinated strategies are critical to make such an exclusive product successful and create a winning network with the prospective consumers. An exclusive distribution channel that owns and operates limited outlets needs to be used, as the selling effort for an exclusive product is intense. Exclusive distribution ensures high levels of service. The High Net Worth consumers need to be assured of the quality of services to breed sustainable brand loyalty. The desired level of attention and details can be offered only in exclusive distribution with a limited number of outlets. High cost products such as these need very high quality after sales service too for keeping the consumer loyalty intact. The brand perception that would be created owing to the small number of outlets in terms of luxury watch as the brand, the lineage, culture and products, and the linkage with quality and luxury. The luxury quotient needs to be stressed to the consumers and this is implemented by strategizing elements of the marketing mix inclusive of the channel strategy.


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