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The home has always been a
woman’s priority, it still is and shall always remain so. It is the woman who
makes a home into a home, with all the outpouring of her love, care, devotion
and hard work. This fact has always been recognized by all and a hard truth of
a man’s life but, today this fact is being intentionally cut to size. The
reason being just simply the woman’s, working outside the home.

The education of women has, on the one hand,
made them capable of shouldering burdens of life more exquisitely and, on the
other side this has led to a sort of a catastrophe for the home. This is
because once the woman is educated and becomes capable of earning; she prefers
to carve out a career for herself. This much is very fine and as everyone would
like. However, this working women as a class, becomes more inclined to avoid,
dislike and even think of housework as being a task below her dignity.

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Herein lies the
crux of the modern day problem created for and by the working women. For, it is
here that this class of working women has given birth to a huge number of
problems in the family, and society. This has created problems that were
unheard of ever before in India.

Once the woman is working
outside the home, the home automatically gets neglected. The reasons for this
neglect are not far to seek. For one, when the woman has worked out for the
whole day, she is left with no energy to work at home after the day’s work, a
very genuine cause. Besides being tired, she is now also seen losing interest
in the working at home. She just does the minimum to keep the family going,
with no interest in making any improvements in the home.

Now, once she
has started working and earning, she also very naturally develops the desire to
behave like the man who was till now, the privileged one just because he was
the bread earner of the family. This attitude as hers, brings in its trail her
continuous loss of interest in the family and her top priority being, enhancing
her career prospects. All this development in the status of women has given
birth to a cross section of multifarious problems.

The first to
suffer at the hands of these working women are the poor innocent children, who
are not able to get any quality time to spend with their mothers. The result is
disobedient rude children, who are often out of control as they grow up. They
become selfish, careless children as, they see none of the delicate emotions
being showered upon them, so, how and from where will they learn these finer
emotions of life. The elders these days have absolutely no place in such a
home. They are often neglected and even ousted from the home on same pretext or
the other.

This in turn has given
rise to a new problem of senior citizens, which never ever existed in India. As
for the coming and welcoming of guests in homes of working women is a thing
unwarranted. When the woman is out of the home for the whole day, who will look
after guests. So, with women working outside the home the concept of
entertaining guests is out of all programmes. Thus, care of children, care of
elders, care of any other family members and care of guests are all lost in the
maze of the schedule of the working woman.

This situation
has led to the mushroom growth of crèches, where children spend their quality
time, old age homes for the uncared old parents, and the community of guests is
lost completely. All these problems I understand have been given impetus by the
single act of women working out of their homes. Besides, when the small child
gets his training in a crèche, as he grows up, he lands up into a new problem
of drug addiction. All these problems in our society can be traced down to the
working of women.

On the one hand
it is true that, the working woman adds to the family income, improves the
standard of the family as far as the income of the family is concerned. She
definitely adds to her personal image but, all this is achieved at the cost of
insoluble problems created in the family and the society. Now, once she becomes
an equal partner in real terms, she is bound to become a cause for worry for
the man of the family, as, his ego and manly pride takes a flight to the winds.

Thus, this ends
in the man revolting at home, in society and in the office. He resents the
status and respect given to the working woman. The man’s argument now is that,
once a woman is equal, why should she get any privileges as a woman. This
response of the man to the working woman is, I think quite justified, and right
to a great extent. The man who was at once time, an uncrowned king of the home,
family and society is now being so challenged.

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