The a beverage, to solve such a big

The purpose of advertising is to
inform the consumers about their product and convince customers that a
company’s services or products are the best. That can consist of companies
announcing new innovations, to convincing that you could use the product. The
whole idea of advertising is for a company to send a message to consumers about
their product. All types of companies advertise. From cars to condoms to


The American market is a very
diverse platform to advertise many products. And at the same time a false
stereotype used in an advert could jeopardize the company’s image. The most
recent ad would be Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi commercial. It uses the association
of a Famous media personality to endorse the product. The scenario laid out as
protests for the black lives matter movement along with police brutality. Kendall
Jenner would hand the police a Pepsi and they would live in peace and harmony.

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But the part where they went wrong, is taking the highly impactful movement and
making it petty with the use of a beverage, to solve such a big problem. Then
the use of advertisements could be very impactful in a good/successful way. The
use of sex appeal would play a big factor. The advert would make big indirect
and direct claims in such a way the consumer would believe them. For example, a
Corona beer commercial would consist of a Beautiful young woman in a bikini in
the beach then a man would have a pail of corona Beer. He would then lure the
woman, or should I say women with the beverage. That is how the big marketing
companies use sex appeal to advertise their products. They convince the
consumer that buying their product will help them achieve their desires.


In conclusion the use of
advertising is to make the products known and convince consumers that the
product is useful. The most common types of advertising used nowadays in the
use of association to media personalities, such as Kendall Jenner in the Pepsi
commercial. They would also claim the products can do things that they cannot.

Like the beer commercials help men get the women. And all the sports gear
commercials use athletes to make you believe that you too can be like them with
the help of their product. And that is the purpose and how advertising is used
in the world




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