The a long time, so he retired

girl turned around and tightly hugged her Grandmother. She then went over to
the kitchen table and arranged the flowers neatly in the vase.

the wolf tried to sleep, the girl took the knife and began to free herself and
her Grandmother. She felt grateful for the fact she had played a lot of sports
because it made her strong enough to cut through the wolf’s thick skin. Once
they were almost free, the wolf could not stand the pain any longer and fell
down dead on the bedroom floor. Just to be sure that the wolf would never
bother herself or her Grandmother again, Little Red Riding Hood plunged the
knife into his heart.

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greedy wolf hadn’t eaten so much for a long time, so he retired back to the bed
for a well-earned nap. As he drifted off to sleep, he thought about how clever
he was for tricking both the poor girl and her Grandmother. But this sleep did
not last for long. The wolf was soon woken up by a terrible pain coming from
his stomach. Little did the wolf know, he had swallowed a knife tucked into the
basket of food that Little Red Riding Hood had bought for her Grandmother.

better to eat you with!’ And no sooner did the wolf say this, he leaped out of
bed and gobbled Little Red Riding Hood and the basket of food up whole.

but, grandmother, what a big mouth you have!’

better to see you with, my dear.’

grandmother, what big eyes you have!’ she said.

better to smell you with, my child,’ the wolf replied.

grandmother,’ she said, ‘what a big nose you have!’

Red Ring Hood knew something was wrong.

set the flowers down on the table, too preoccupied to put them in a vase.
Little Red Riding Hood walked into her Grandmother’s bedroom. She looked at her
Grandmother and thought to herself, had her Grandmother grown facial hair?

was no response.

morning Grandmother?” she called wearily into the cottage.

was surprised to find her Grandma’s cottage door wide open when she arrived.

Red Riding Hood had been enjoying her walk, and proudly carried her bouquet
through the forest.

soon as the wolf had scrambled into the house, he gobbled up the poor old lady.
He quickly dressed himself in her old pajamas and nightcap and laid himself in
the Grandma’s bed, pulling the quilt half over his face to hide his big set of

come on in my sweet little girl, come and help your Grandmother up from her
bed. I am too weak to move.” The Grandmother replied.

me Grandma, Little Red Riding Hood. I’ve bought you a basket of food to help
you get better.” The wolf called, attempting to sound like a young girl.

there?” The little old lady called from her bed.

more angry then before, the wolf set off on the right path. He found the
cottage, and licking his lips, he knocked on the door.

tapping his foot, the man pointed the wolf in the right direction before the
slamming the door on his face.

morning Sir, you don’t know where a little old lady in a red brick cottage
lives, do you?” The wolf asked.

do you want?” The man asked, tapping his foot impatiently.

wolf was unsure which path to take, because the young girl had been so vague.
He took the left pth and found and old cottage, however it did not look
anything like the cottage she had described. Getting slightly frustrated by the
situation, the wolf knocked on the door anyway. A large, bald, scary looking
man opened the door.

in forming her beautiful bouquet of flowers, Little Red Riding Hood hardly
noticed that the wolf had disappeared.

I must dash!” The cunning wolf said, rushing off to find the Grandmother’s

look lovely on my Grandma’s kitchen table!” Little Red Riding Hood exclaimed.
She even thought the smell would make her Grandmother feel better. Hurriedly,
she began to pluck the wildflowers from the forest floor.

would look wonderful in a vase, sat on a kitchen table.” The wolf said.

Red Riding Hood looked around and sure enough, the wolf was right.

at all these flowers, beautifully arranged beneath this Oaktree, like an
intricately detailed carpet.”

Red Riding Hood was slightly suspicious at this question, so she vaguely
described the cottage’s location without mentioning it’s address.

does she live?” The sly wolf asked.

desperately not to smile, incase he revealed his big, sharp teeth. He was
thinking to himself, what a delicious meal the little girl, the home-made food
in her basket and her Grandmother would make.

my Grandma’s house,” Little Red Riding Hood replied.

morning little girl, where are you heading on this fine summers day? The wolf
asked kindly.

a large wolf approached her, speaking in a gentle, friendly voice that hid his

Grandmother lived on the other side of Little Red Riding Hood’s village, out in
the wood. It was a beautiful, sunny day and the young girl was enjoying her
walk so much, that she forgot what her Mother had warned her about.

Red Riding hood wasn’t like the other young girls her age. Instead of spending
her free time cooking and sewing like her sisters, she enjoyed reading and playing
sports. She had a strong young mind, nurtured by all the books she read, and
continued to grow faster then the other kids in her class. This made Little Red
Riding Hood far more independent. One day, her Mother explained to her that her
Grandmother was ill and needed some homemade food to get better. Eager to prove
her independence and help her sick Grandmother, Little Red Riding Hood asked
her Mother if she could take the food by herself. After some hesitation, her
Mother agreed but warned her: “stick to the narrow path and don’t talk to

upon a time, there was a little girl who wore a red hat that was a gift from
her Grandmother. Her Grandmother loved Little Red Riding Hood very much, more
than anyone else in the world.


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