support, may put refugees off guard on the

support, and hold fast to oftentimes changing criteria in regard
to source nations and the divisions into which remote laborers can be selected.

Employers may over gauge any confinements and
dismissal applications by refugees when they have elective competitors. For
example, dialect abilities and social contrasts. Restricted dialect aptitudes
are a noteworthy hindrance to work, particularly in occupations for which
capabilities are required. Significant early venture is expected to enable refugee
to settle and build up their aptitudes. Some portion of this venture should be
made by employers. A business case would, be that as it may, should be made for
putting resources into the work of refugee, as the arrival on speculation will
frequently not be instantly noticeable and may in some cases take a very long
time to appear.

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One key issue that may influence the refugees is access to
data about the lawful structure and conditions for business. In spite of the
fact that in a few nations business affiliations and open offices have
attempted considerable endeavors to give direction on the most proficient
method to hire refugees, in numerous different nations employers need bolster
in exploring standards and controls. Moreover, particular authoritative
necessities, for instance when a work allow is required, may put refugees off
guard on the work advertise.

            Refugees may also themselves have
different cultural attitudes, expectations and experiences. Malaysian Employers
Federation (MEF) executive director Shamsuddin Bardan, is of the view that an
assimilation program is not needed.  He said, a briefing should be given
to the community on Malaysia’s culture and laws and gave the example of the Selayang market, where the
Rohingya community there had converted the whole area into a “mini Myanmar”. He
was quoted by saying: –

“They chew betel nut leaves and then spit it out.
Their saliva is everywhere. It is very unsightly.”1

On a simple note, it means these Rohingya refugees is subscribed
to practices not shown by locals. Employees’ discernments with respect to
drefugee regularly reflect popular conclusion everywhere and businesses
detailed blended responses, extending from energy to inside and out objection.
On occasion, employees were hesitant to have refugees as colleagues; this was
frequently identified with fears about occupation misfortune and envy about
assumed “unique treatment”. A few businesses take what is ostensibly
the snappier, less expensive – but risker – alternative of procuring refugees
as of now in the nation. Negative motivations incorporated a recognition that
outcasts might be less dependable than different specialists (e.g. they may
move or be resettled, and in light of the fact that they don’t have a work visa
fixing to a specific business they can switch employers without chance), and
the danger of being found utilizing outcasts. States of mind and desires should
be overseen through social introduction of both accepting work environments and
of the recently utilized refugees, antidiscrimination and assorted variety

            The Rohingya and their way of life
will without a doubt add to Malaysia picture as an embodiment of a ‘rainbow’
country. However to be oblivious in regards to a portion of


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