Subject: M. Junaid, Lecturer 21. Mr. M. Usman,

Subject: Departmental Meeting

Department of Management Sciences held a faculty meeting on Feb. 17, 2016 in Seminar Room at 11:00 am. In-charge DMS, Dr. Ghulam Hussain, Assistant Professorchaired the meeting.
The following faculty members attended the meeting:
1. Dr. Ghulam Hussain, Assistant Professor
2. Dr. Irfan Sabir, Assistant Professor
3. Dr. Hafiz M. Arshad, Assistant Professor
4. Dr. Ali Ahmed, Assistant Professor
5. Dr. Asrar-ul-Haq, Assistant Professor
6. Dr. KhurramAbbass
7. Mr. Muhammad Zia Hassan, Assistant Professor
8. Mr. Suhail Afzal Qureshi, Assistant Professor
9. Mr. Muhammad Badar Iqbal, Assistant Professor
10. Mr. Qamar-uz-Zaman Malik, Assistant Professor
11. Mr. Mazhar Javed, Assistant Professor
12. Mr. Bilal Khan Lodhi, Lecturer
13. Ms. ZunairaKhadim, Lecturer
14. Ms. FareehaNisar, Lecturer
15. Mr. Syed Ashique Ali Kirmani, Lecturer
16. Mr. Bial Iqbal Mian, Program Coordinator
17. Ms. BineshSarwar, Lecturer
18. Mr. KhurramIjaz, Lecturer
19. Mr. Asim Mirza, Lecturer
20. Mr. M. Junaid, Lecturer
21. Mr. M. Usman, Lecturer
22. Ms. Sonia Abbas Khan, Lecturer
23. Mr. Moazzam Ali, Lecturer
24. Mr. Khalid Hussain, Lecturer
25. Ms. Samya Tahir, Lecturer
26. Ms. NargisDeevan, Research Associate
27. Ms. Saddia Anwar, Research Associate
The meeting started with the recitation of few versus from the Holy Quran . He discussed the following Agenda items:
Sr. Item Discussion Compliance
1 Strategic Research Plan (SRP) In-charge DMS discussed Vision 2020 in the wake of upcoming Looking Ahead Forum on March 1, 2016. He impressed upon faculty about the importance of research activities in the DMS, and identified relevant resources necessary for research activities. He also invited discussion about the Pak-China Corridor and business activities which are possible under this opportunity. Moreover, Sahiwal is famous for its Cattle Farming and dairy products, he suggested the faculty to work in these areas and bring researchprojects in this context. He also constituted a committee, comprising the DMS Faculty member, who will chalk out SRP. SRP Committee:
1- Dr. G. H. Malik, AP
2- Dr. Irfan Sabir, AP
3- Dr. Asrarul Haq, AP
4- Mr. Qamar uz Zaman, AP
4- Mr. Muhammad Junaid, Lecturer
2 International Collaboration In-charge DMS discussed the importance of International Collaboration in this global world. After some discussion, Dr. Khuram suggested to constitute an International Collaboration Committee, comprising of DMS Faculty members, who will take this initiative. International Collaboration Committee:
1- Dr. KhuramAbbass, AP2-2- Dr. Irfan Sabir
3- Mr. KhuramEjaz, Lecturer
4- Ms. Samya Tahir, Lecturer
3 Research Project and Funding In-charge DMS advised the faculty members to submit at-least one research project by the end of the current month.
4 Departmental News Letter In-charge DMS constituted a committee, comprising of the DMS Faculty to start publishing a Departmental News Letter. 1- Mr. Suhail Afzal
2- Mr. Bilal Iqbal Mian
3- Mr. KhuramEjaz
5 Accounting Training In-charge DMS instructed the Mr. Bilal Lodhi to conduct Accounting Training for Professional to a batch of 20 students. Mr. Bilal Lodhi

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6 Internships In-charge DMS instructed the Internship committee to complete the internship data for the coming semester. He advised the committee to allocate the internship supervisor well before time.
Moreover, In-charge DMSsuggested the faculty members to take one-month internship in their respective industry to strengthen university-industry liaison and incorporate their experience in the curriculum.

The meeting ended with a mutual note of thanks.


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