Studying spending longer time to finish study. The

Studying is one of the most important processes in
human life. Without studying, human cannot live well because they will suffer
and do not know what they should do in real world. Studying always take place
in every step in human life even though they do not realize it. It also happens
in students’ life. Students can improve their ability when they study
seriously. Although students have a lot of experience if they do not study,
they will never improve their knowledge. School is the best place to study. There
the students can get a lot of new knowledge and also experience. Unfortunately,
if students do not study seriously in school, they will face some problem, such
as difficult to understand the material given by the lecturer, getting a bad
score, and spending longer time to finish study.

The first bad effect of being half-hearted in the
study is students difficult to understand the material given by lecturer. When
the students study half-hearted, they will belittle the course and begin to
think or do another thing when the lecturer explains the material. For example,
when a mathematics teacher explains the calculus, the half-hearted students will
not pay attention and prefer to play games in the class because they are not interested
in studying the material and want to avoid it. It makes them do not have the
basic knowledge of the topic. They will be confused when they have to solve the
questions about calculus and in the end some of them give up and never study it.
It makes them do not have the capacity to fulfil the standard that the lecturer
has made.

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The second effect of taking the study casually is the
student will get bad score. If the students do not understand the topic given
by the lecturer, they cannot perform well on the exam. Lack of understanding
the material will make them do not know how to answer the questions or cannot
interpret the questions. Without understanding the material, the probability of
getting all the answers correct is low. Moreover the low probability means they
will get a bad score on the exam. Usually, the lecturer have their minimum
score for the students to past their class. If the students cannot get the
score above the minimum criteria, they fail and have to retake the class again
in the next year or semester.

The third bad effect is the students spend a long time
to finish their study. Every course has its own standard score. If they do not
get a score above it, they will fail to pass the class. As the consequence, they
have to retake the same class again to get the standard score or above it to past
the class. Usually, the same class will be held in the same semester. For
example, if they get the course in the third semester, they can only retake it
again in the fifth semester. Therefore, they have to wait 1 year to study over
again. Besides, they can retake the course if they still have the rest of
university credit unit (in Bahasa Indonesia means sistem kredit semester)
because the universities have their own rules to make sure that their students
understand the course, so they give limitation for taking the university credit
unit.  Mostly, the university gives 24
university credit unit for each student. If they want to retake or take other
courses but they already have 24 university credit unit, they should wait until
the next semester.  Therefore, they will waste
their time in order to remedy the bad scores.

Everyone wants to finish their study as soon as
possible. But, there are still some students who study casually. Studying
casually will create some bad effect, such as difficult to understand the
material given by the lecturer, getting bad score, and spending longer time to
finish study. To avoid the bad effect, students should pay attention to the
course material and also the lecturer’s explanation. Paying attention and
studying seriously is the key to be successful in the class.  


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