Statement planning) software in mm module, where I

Statement Of Purpose
After a thorough introspection. I have decided to pursue graduate studies in management studies. I am a very responsible and active man. I think one of my distinguishing characteristics is the diverse experience which I have gained in my life. As I am from an engineering background. I do have a good insight of technicalities involved in various processes. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering discipline from IET-DAVV, Indore. I participated in various events and workshops at the college level. Furthermore, I was elected as the president of ISHRAE in my final year of engineering. I was responsible for assigning various roles and tasks to my team members and collecting and analyzing information. The role taught me the sense of true responsibility and hard work in life. With this, I developed my interest in the field of management.
I have also enjoyed the responsibility of handling a team while organizing college fest by leading them up front in various activities and was appreciated by my college professors, mentors as well as my fellow students. I also had a strong appetite for my extra learning especially the soft and interpersonal skills. To polish my skills, I started enrolling myself for the various online courses offered by various foreign universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Adelaide and many more.
Soon After my graduation, I began working with Accenture as Application Development Associate, where I was trained in (SAP) System application and Product (Enterprise resource planning) software in mm module, where I learned the key concepts of increasing productivity, significant cost savings and more consistent operations within the organization. After having the knowledge regarding the processes involved in material procurement. I am confident that I can easily adapt to the fast-paced business environment.

However, despite the work-related knowledge and experience, I feel that it is necessary for me to pursue MBA program in to order to expand my firm grasp of concepts, my career potential and provide me with the great opportunities in future ahead. To achieve my career goals, I need to learn about the various current developments happening in the business world. After, finishing the MBA-program, I expect to get the substantial management and business level administration expertise; I aspire to work as a manager, a role which demands a globalized viewpoint along with excellent organization planning and managerial skills. Your MBA program is a key step in preparing me for my future goals. As the curriculum is much challenging and will allow me to develop my decision making and other abilities further.
I got some very interesting information about my field of study by browsing your website and this has driven me to apply for the M.B.A course offered at your prestigious Institute. The eight modules of the M.B.A program which include the Strategic Management, Organization ; Resource Management, Strategic Marketing, Financial Management, Operations Management, International ; Risk Management, Power Regimes ; Supply Chain Management, Business Strategy and Procurement competence will help me improve my skills in the field of procurement and I believe that studying at your institution will give me the means to achieve my goals and realize my dreams. I, therefore, make an earnest request to consider my application for admission.

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