STATEMENT in chemistry degree provided me to take


When I was a student in
Secondary level, I had a great intension for chemistry. I was particularly
interested to learn more about life and realized the importance of that life is
directly related to chemistry. I was a great fascination for chemistry related
subjects which provides me a constant sense of discovery in science.

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The Department of chemistry
between Jahangirnagar university in Bangladesh where I completed my Bachelor
major in chemistry degree provided me to take multiple courses like in organic chemistry,
inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, Medicinal chemistry, Analytical
chemistry, Environment chemistry, materials science, polymer chemistry, surface
chemistry, industrial chemistry and advance spectroscopy.

Interestingly, I did an
undergraduate research training as for advance composite materials which based
on polymer chemistry.” The title of the project was “Jute Caddies Reinforced Composite
Made with Recycling Polythene”. This training was held at Institute of
Radiation and Polymer Technology, Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission between
01/06/2015 and 30/06/2015. Actually, Practical internship had opened my mind
about research in chemistry. It was the combination of practical and theoretical knowledge.

Moreover, I worked as a
research Assistant for six months under Biomedical Research Foundation(BRF) Dhaka,
Bangladesh. The project name was “Chikungunya outbreak (2017) in
Bangladesh-Analysis of clinical Profile, post disease consequences, financial
and socio-environment factors “.  My
responsibilities were to capture statistical data onto general interviews for public and put them Into REDCap (Electronic Data Capture, hosted by BRF). The
date was 01/06/2017 to 30/12/2017 and My supervisor was Dr. Mohammad
Sorowar Hossain, Adjunct Scientist (BRF) Bangladesh and Assistant Professor
School of Environmental Science and Management, Independent university
Bangladesh (IUB), which also includes a team of researchers from 20 public and
private universities in my country.Now Our collaboration research Paper is
under review of the reputed Journal.

project is being run for ten months under
the same institute and it was started on 16 March 2017.My project entitled is “A
survey on consumption of groundwater and generation of waste Water and sludge
in textile wet SI1 MA2 processing
industry”.  My work is to Visit many
textile industries in Dhaka city and collecting Valuable data onto ground
water, waste water, sludge. The name of my supervisor is Dr. Mohammad Abbas Uddin Shiyak, Scientist,
Environmental health SI3 MA4 Biomedical
Research Foundation (BRF) Dhaka, Bangladesh and Assistant Professor Dept. Of
Dyes &Chemicals Engineering, Bangladesh university of Textiles (BUTEX). The
project still now is running. 

During participation
these two projects I have learnt how to do work
in a research team. It was a great opportunity for me to meet with multi
skills researchers in my country. Over the last four years, I have introduced to different topics of chemistry as well
as I became
familiar with SI5 various
chemical instruments like NMR, Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR),
UV-Visible Spectrophotometer under my Department. I
also did analytical work on organic
compounds (i.e elemental analysis, determination of various functional groups
and properties as well as other physical and inorganic practical.

  I am the self-motivated student that has many
versatile qualities like well discipline, basic
capacity of knowledge,hardworking,and
maintain communication with multiple people for collaboration research purposes,
teaching profession and how to perpetuate potentiality for research. That’s why
I would enroll in Ph.D. after completing masters
of science in research chemists. In addition, I am founder and existing President of nonprofit
organization that is called WASHA. The function of this organization is to help
the needy students of my region financially and motivate them for higher study
in later life. I am also Advisor of BHADON (Blood donation and collection
group) Jahangirnagar university unit Dhaka ,1342.

This polymer chemistry
programme is just like similar with my research interest and research
experiences in the branch of Materials Chemistry at the University of Eastern
Finland in Joensuu campus. Because it has gained prominence over the last two
decades this branch has increased to technical innovations and major

I strongly believe that my academic
superiority, self-confidence, exceptional research experiences and outstanding
leadership skills which were achieved from my undergraduate level. I think the
graduate school is only the place where I could fulfill my dream in research as
well as learn the most suitable creative skills that are conducting at the
university of eastern Finland and therefore I am the best candidate for this
graduate programme. Hopefully I am getting positive reply from the graduate
admission committee for Masters of Science in Research chemists and this
programme will provide me the superb facilities to use my practical skills,
perceptions about higher study in future and widen frontiers of knowledge in my
mind through attending an international environment.



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