Rome until the Civil War which began in

          Rome vs
the United States had some major differences and some similarities. Their
government has some differences and similarities including: The Roman
government was a strange mix of republic and democracy and another interesting
fact was that they got most of their ideas from the Ancient Greeks. Julius
Caesar was elected to be the ruler of the Roman government in 60 B.C. with the
help of Crassus, and then later around 44 B.C. Julius Caesar changed to Rome
republic to an empire. The United States government is often reviewed as a
“democracy” and “republic”. And even though it is viewed as a “democracy” or a
“republic”, the American form of government is called a “democracy” by leading
the American statesman and legal commentators. George Washington was elected
the ruler of the United States government in (1789-1849).


          Art in
the United States had some similarities and some differences from the Roman
empire. I honestly like our art way better than the Roman empire’s art. Also
our art now is way different then back then. Like now if you throw a streak of
paint on a canvas I guess you can call it art! But back then the art was real
and it basically tells a story in paint. The Roman art made sculptures for
their art. They mostly made sculptures of humans and animals. They made the
sculptures out of stone, precious metals, glass and terracotta but they favored
marble and bronze over everything else when they made sculptures.

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in the United States and the Roman Empire were similar and different. Slavery in
the Ancient Rome played a major role in the society and in the economy. Besides
manual labor, slaves performed many domestic services, and might be employed at
highly skilled jobs and professions. Slavery in the United States was a legal
institution in the United States in the 18th and the 19th centuries and it was
still legal until the Civil War which began in April 12, 1861 and it ended May
9, 1865. The Slavery in the ancient Rome was way different than the United
States because in the ancient Rome let some slaves own some land if it was
alright with their masters. Skilled or educated slaves were able to earn their
own money and hope that they can save up enough that they could buy their
freedom. And such slaves were set free by their masters. A male slave who had
belonged to a Roman citizen was allowed to vote. The United States slavery was
mostly African Americans or just Africans. In all if I was a slave I would want
to be a slave in the ancient Rome basically because the United States didn’t
have as much freedom as ancient Rome did.


ancient Roman culture and the United States culture were similar and different
in different ways. Culture in Ancient Roman was the Ancient Roman culture
existed throughout the almost 1200 year history of the civilization of Ancient
Rome. The term refers to the culture of the Roman Republic, later the Roman
Empire, which, at its peak, covered an area from Lowland Scotland and Morocco
to the Euphrates. The United States culture was mostly western but it was
influenced by: African, Native American, Asian, Polynesian, and Latin American
cultures. The differences were that the ancient Rome was influenced by nobody
and the United States culture was influenced by many different cultures.


United States military consisted over two centuries which included the Army,
the Marine Corps, Navy, and the Air force and that was all under the command of
the United States Department of Defense. The history of Rome is inseparable
from its military history over the roughly thirteen centuries that the Roman
state existed. The core of the military campaigns of ancient Rome is the
account of the Roman military’s land battles, from the conquest of Italy to its
fights against the Huns and invading Germanic peoples.


          I think
that the United States are similar and different in many ways the United States
is obviously better but the Rome has some potential too. Like I said in the
slavery paragraph it must have been harsh to be a slave in the United States,
but in the Rome I don’t think it would have been that bad but I would hate to
be a slave in general. 


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