REQUIREMENT Panel so the Client can get


Technologies will communicate via call or personal meet and will gather the
all requirements of your projects.

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After gathering all the requirements we will take
time to understand your processes & requirements, market positioning, and
competition. Based on these all details we will try to provide you the best solution
for project.

Our Business analyst determines the end-user
requirements and generates a detailed Proposal along with all the details of
the work to be done.

After creating detailed proposal Client review and
provide feedback regarding the proposal document

In this process iZestic Technologies and Client will have clear idea about the all modules
involved in the project and thus everyone will be on the same track.


Technologies will assign a Project Owner who is responsible to  design & develop the project based on the
Proposal document & scope of the project .

Project owner will be in frequent touch with
Client and will send regular work updates of the project.

Our well experienced and qualified UI/UX
designer will design an interactive wireframe of Front End and Admin Panel so the
Client can get a perfect idea of the overall working of the system.

At this phase you know exactly how the system will
work before writing the code.

After creating the wireframe our project manager
contact the client for review and feedback so if there is any changes then it
could be easily modified.


The experienced and expert designers of iZestic Technologies will create design
based on wireframe.

This phase provides the “look and feel” to give
you a complete prototype that is entirely interactive.

We will create a highly interactive website
which will increase the branding of your company. We create website with
responsive design and mobile friendly.


Our Expert database developers will create
database based on the project requirement.

Database design is very crucial step of project
development as it stores all the data in the database and retrieves and display
it during the execution of the project.


After completing design phase our well talented
and experienced developer will start working on the programming side.

We regularly upload the website on our demo servers,
so the client can see the actual demo of website and can play with the website.

While going through the website if there are any
changes Client can suggest us, so we make changes and can work further.


Our Project owner will regularly send updates to
the Client. Our Project Managers will be in constant touch with the Client
through email, chat or phone.

Client can get the updates of the project on our
demo server. They can give their feedback and review regarding the work and we
will incorporate it to the website.

Our Project Managers will send weekly and
monthly reports to the Client of the work done till date.

Our weekly and monthly reports gives a complete idea
about the project which module is completed and remaining module are left.


After developing the code our expert QC team
will check the all functionality through the various testing methods like unit
testing, performance testing, module testing, regression testing and security testing.

Our QC Engineer, test the full project with
major browsers, different resolution, multiple window size and different zoom

Once the application is tested completed, we
update Client to test the application and final approval from Client.

Client can check the website on our demo
servers. So if there are any changes or in the system we can resolve immediately
as per Client suggestion.


Once the all phases of development process of
project is complete and after getting the final approval from the client, we will
deploy the website on the Client’s live server.

Our highly expert and skilled developers will
check the complete working of the website on Client server and if there are any
issues, they will fix it immediately.

Our team provides full support, ensuring the Launching
is a smooth one.


Technologies offers the complete support to their Client even after the
project is completed.

Our Client can contact us at any point of time
and we will be happy to assist them happily.

We have dedicated support team who will work on
the project as per the Client suggestion until the Client is satisfied.


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