Q1>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> present case as the terminal 5



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   Controlling is a much more important aspect of an
organization. By efficient controlling organization/company can clear the deviations
in their processes .At the terminal 5 planning was not successful in its
opening day so in our opinion British Airways should choose an appropriate type
of control.

                 Let’s see that out of
feedforward, concurrent or feedback which controls suits better to British Airways
in current position.


control is suitable for the process which is ongoing and with a certain
modification thing could be handled. But in the present case the British Airways
Terminal 5 can’t be handled properly because it is among the biggest port in
the world. Moreover, it also includes complex operations like baggage handling,
clearance of baggage, automation processes and much more. Due to these reasons,
there is a need to look at each and every step of the process so concurrent
control would not be much effective.


     Feedback control is used to increase company strength
by ensuring company performance with quality standards. Feedback control is
proved to be beneficial for the company because the company has seen its
operations on its first day. Company can take feedbacks from their employees
about the situations they faced during their working hours. Moreover customer
feedback could also be used to improve the performance. Company can take
reviews from the customers and employees and can make changes in their process
accordingly. Company can raise its standard by promoting the automation process
of clearing luggage. By feedback control company can look upon problems closely
as they have reviews and they know about the common problems which are
occurring during the process.


   Feedforward control is also called
preventive controls. This type of control is used to measure the performance of
system before implementing it.

     This control will be effective in the
present case as the terminal 5 has much deviation and errors in the system.
This control will help to remove these deviations and will be proved to be


 They will proved to be beneficial because:-

v The inexperienced staff of terminal 5
will be able to get proper training to clear incoming luggage fast enough.

v  The Whole structure of processing luggage and
moving belts could be redesigned properly to provide comfort to the customers.

v Glitches in the baggage handling
system could be removed if the management will bring amendments in the process.

v Management can get an idea about the
processes by conducting operations from the volunteers and can bring changes in
the process accordingly.


Q2>>>>>>>>>>> MANAGEMENT


  It has become necessary
for British airways to take immediate or basic corrective actions so that
situation could be handled. Let’s observe the corrective actions which suit it.


         As British Airways terminal 5 is
holding a great number of operations so Immediate corrective actions would help
the company to handle the situation up to the specific level.

v British Airways can train their
employees so that the trained employees can meet the customer demand in a
better way, one serious issue on opening day was that the inexperienced ticket
sellers do not know about the fares from one state to another. Due to this
reason the process of ticket buying has slowed down. As one process goes slow
so it will definitely create an impact on other processes so company need to
train its employees to meet with customers demand fast enough.

v Company can take responses from
customers and can work upon them to solve the problems.The  Customer is an important asset of an
organization. On opening day there glitches in the baggage handling system
occurred due to which customers bargained with the employees. So company need
to pay an should pay attention towards customer responses.

v The Company can call a meeting at the
end of a day to discuss about the whole day operations and try to remove the
problems which are occurring during the operations.


      Basic corrective
actions compared to immediate corrective actions are slow.These types of
actions helps company to look upon its core problem

Some basic corrective actions which should be adopted by the
company are :-

Ø The Company can look upon its
strengths and weaknesses. By this company will be able to know about the
problems being faced. As in this case British Airways is facing problems in
some of its operations .So if British Airline will come to know about its
problems it will definitely work upon them.

Ø A Company can make better customer
care services. British airway is one of the most reputed organizations in the
world and reputed organization demands serious attention towards its assets
which are customers here. Company can create help desks at the arrival section
of  the airports so that every new
entering customer can get proper information about the flight departure
process. It will be beneficial for the airline employees also because as the
customer will already be guided about everything so customers will know every
process in advance which means employees don’t have to tell the customer about
each step repetitively. So it will save the time of the customer as well as
Airline employees.

Ø As on the opening day the employees
also got frustrated while processing the operations so there is a serious need
to arrange workshops on customer care for the employees. This will help company
employees to how to deal with the customers in certain situations and will also
help them to control their anger during their work.



Airways control could be made more effective by proper management of the
operations. Up till now, the British Airways controls are not many successful.
It could be made effective by looking upon the core on each and every step of
processing. As too much time is consumed during baggage belt system due to
glitches so there is a need to remove this problem. Management plays an
important role in effective controls. Managers can improve the process a lot
such as they can shift their automation process of clearance to manual
processing for some period as staff is not properly trained to handle the
automation system. Moreover, customer care centers could also be established at
the entrance of airport to guide customers about their boarding process.

          Effectiveness could be achieved by
British Airways by training their employees properly and by developing better
customer services as discussed above.





proper flow of information in an organization/company is essential. It helps
managers to know about the problems or the deviation in the system. As in
terminal 5 issues are occurring and there is a need to aware the authority
about the problems like delaying in flights, glitches in baggage clearance and
many more.

  Moreover the environment around employees
that how employees are dealing How they are processing requests of customers? What
kind of difficulties are they facing? means a lot to an organization. As if
there will be a proper information flow in the organization then it will help
manager analyze the situation and find the best possible solution out of it


 It is said that customers are an important
asset of an organization. The prime focus of every organization is to satisfy
its customer.

       Customer interaction control lets the
manager  get the information directly
from stakeholders. This type of control helps in upbringing the service quality
in an organization. There is a serious need to up bring the service quality of
terminal 5 as customers were not much satisfied. In the given case study it can
also be seen in picture that customers are feeling difficulty in sorting their
luggage. This thing has proved that terminal 5 quality service is not up to the

      In a given scenario, customer Interaction
control will suit much better than others. Company need to improve their
service quality and to raise their standards as it is one of the most reputable
organizations in the world.  Terminal 5
management can send an email to their every customer to know about their
travelling experience so that they  know
about the problems being faced by them during the whole process and by
analyzing those responses company can take a decision on its future policies
regarding stakeholders.


   The Benchmark is
defined to be searching the best practices among competitors and non-competitors
that lead to their superior performance.

      British AIrways  took the initiative to build the largest
airport to facilitate its customer. Terminal 5 can set the benchmark for its
employees by upgrading its standards like proper training of staff. Most of the
companies like Emirates airline equip better material and technology to train
their employees due to which their customer service is considered remarkable.
British airways can also use this kind of techniques to maintain their quality
service. Moreover, benchmarking also allow manager to determine the best way or
equipment required for training and if employees will get proper training then
it will ultimately effect the performance of company.   


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