PR The core idea driving our strategies

PR Innovation/Concepts

K2 offers a bouquet of
services that catches the pulse of your company’s target audience. At K2 we
combine our inherent knowledge of business realms to create and collaborate in
a way which enhances the brand salience in ways which are both growth centric
and quantifiable. The core idea driving our strategies are innovation,
execution, impact and deliverable. K2 has helped start ups by arming them with
discernible media visibility, and have empowered established brands to further
deepen their roots in the market using our top notch media relations and prized
communication skills. We are predominantly based out of Bengaluru. India, with
an all-encompassing associate network in major metro cities as well as 2 tier

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If you have got a unique
concept and you think the world needs to know about it, we will bring you the
canvass. We will bring you the opportunities to leverage your ideas. Through
our strong team of content developers everything from by-lines, writing press releases,
pitching to media, blogging, authoring editorials op-ed articles, case studies
and a plethora of other integrated and measureable PR content are done by us. We
are master weavers of your breakthroughs and invention stories. Our Seasoned
content team bring out the best nuances of your services into a compelling
content which resonates with your target audience and ROI for your company. In
the crowded content world outside, we stand apart from the others who don’t see
the forest for the trees.


Media Management

 Everyone would have noticed the
interface between the media and PR is changing with the changing media landscape,
which will continue to shift. We understand this changing landscape and use
multimedia to round off coverage. To increase coverage and engagement we device
content and strategies which tells the clients story in and instant thereby enhancing
the client’s reputation in the pervasive digital channels as well. At K2
communications we also spearhead the way media across the country, including
regionals view your brand. It is challenging almost every day this interface
between the movers(media) and the shakers(companies). K2 is on the top of mind
recall for the media as The media regularly turns to us for valid and authentic
inputs from our vast base of clients ensuring the widest possible reach for the
key communications of your brand




Cross-platform Marketing

As the leading PR Firm in
India, we engage in multiple platforms through our communication strategy, for varied
audiences, thereby having  the maximum

Crisis Communications

 Equipped with a bullet-proof crisis management
protocol, we are adept at hand holding our clients through crisis and assist
them to sail through the watershed and emerge unharmed with their reputation intact.
In an age where the most trivial of issues can lead to a flare up and crisis if
not dealt with in a judicious and timely manner. Our adept team of crisis
management experts help you to communicate effectively and restore your credibility
amongst the various stakeholders, internal and external. Delivering press statement
which is content clear and astute as well as advising our client on the line of
action is all done proficiently by K2 ,as it is imperative to reach out to the
investors ,employees and other stakeholders in the lucid environment.



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