People of gait recognition as a from of

People often
feel that they can identify a familiar person from afar simply by recognizing
the way the person walks. This common experience, combined with recent interest
biometrics, has lead to the development of gait recognition as a from of biometric
identi?cation. Gait (walk) pattern has several attractive properties as a soft
biometric trait. From a surveillance  perspective, gait pattern biometrics is appealing in that it can be performed
at a
distance without requiring
body-invasive equipment or subject cooperation. Ref 1 Many research groups
investigate the discrimination power of gait pattern and develop models that
are applied to the automatic recognition of walking people from MoCap data. A number of MoCap-based gait recognition methods
have been introduced in the past few years and new
ones continue to emerge. In order to move forward with
this competitive research,
it is necessary to compare
their innovative approaches with the
state-of-the-art and evaluate
them against established evaluation metrics on a benchmark database.

As a biometric, gait has several attractive properties. Acquisition of
images portraying an individual’s gait can be done easily in public areas, with
simple instrumentation, and does not require the cooperation or even awareness
of the individual under observation. In fact, it seems that it is the
possibility that a subject may not be aware of the surveillance and
identi?cation that raises public concerns about gait biometrics 2. There are
also several confounding properties of gait as a biometric. Unlike ?nger
prints, we do not know the extent to which an individual’s gait is unique.
Furthermore, there are several factors, other than the individual, that cause
variations in gait, including footwear, terrain, fatigue, and injury. This
paper gives an overview of the factors that affect both human and machine
recognition of gaits, data used in gait and motion analysis, evaluation
methods, existing gait and quasi gait recognition systems, and uses of gait
analysis beyond biometric identification.

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