People use of technology company. candidate’s social media



People and Position

Objectives and

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Possible Decision Supported by Hiring System

Information the Hiring System

Alvin Morrison: CEO

To be able to fulfill its current
contract as well as to deliver in a most effective service to its customer and
new business. His goal is put the right capable people in the right place.  

With new hires he can address
the issue of manning personnel and future contracts as well as to expand the

He trusts his HR team to
be able to address of the staffing process however he does not what them to
be distracted so that the current service don’t decline. He believes in
putting the right people in the right place.

Marianne Cho: CFO

She is willing to invest
on new hires and new technology if it has a long-term impact and payout in
the company. She looks through the bottom line financially on deciding whether
the risk is justifiable.

She recognizes that its
necessary to invest in some area for the company’s growth because of this she
is willing to take a risk as long as it can be effectively integrated in the system.


Fadil Abadi: CIO




William Bradley: Director of HR




Suzanne Rodriguez: Manager of Recruiting




Paul O’Brien: Recruiters




Ted Anderson: ADMIN Assistance




Hiring Mangers





has its their own goals and objectives for the
new hiring system.

can even put the company at risk. Below is a diagram
of the CIC’s levels of managements, each

customer and employee the process of producing a
product or creating a new one will fail and

reading material while technology is very important
without the feedback and data from the

these areas the most fundamental of a business
will breakdown. According to the 1st week

system technology is sub divided to three area,
Technology, People and Process. Without

use the most advance and current technology. The
most basic components of informational

every business it’s very important to every level of the organization embrace


Organization Structure with the use of technology



candidate’s social media page
to see if they are hire that it will be beneficial and will not hurt the

current employer’s evaluations.
Like in today’s industry companies are checking each

check as well as obtaining,
certification, school information and reviews from their past or

their locations. Secondly with
our current technology, reviewers can do a throughout background

for the needed position, the
companies can examine each applicant in real-time regardless of

            First by developing Online Application system, it will open
more potential candidates

and cost saving.

the applicant or having them travel
to the main headquarters is much more efficient, save time

worldwide. The need to be able
to find and quickly review each applicant without traveling to

Human resources department to
be able to source out highly qualified and creditable employee

technology for hiring of highly
specialist employee will be much more easier and quicker for the

order for its business to
expand. By developing new business concept as well as embracing new

            My analyze for this case study is the need of new hire
for the company is necessary in-


Organizational Strategy for the use of technology


to its customer as well as to
provide data analyzes on the best candidate for newly hire staff.

CIC IT firm for keeping up with
its business by creating and providing wide variety of services

same equal and quality
services. This Case study is to determine what will be the best option for

time companies like the US Government
but also keep its current customers to provide the

personnel will be essential to its
survival as well as winning new contacts from a big

its business practice and developed
a more suitable system and the hiring of new qualified

time for the company to move
forward for its growing business, the need to expand, restructure

contracts from small to big
companies. While the CIC is making revenue it’s only a matter of

company’s simple yet effective
IT platform has enable it to gain and maintain its long-standing

2004 and has ever since been
growing its business by building its trust from its customer. The

                   Chesapeake IT Consulting is
a small to mid-size company that started its business in




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