Organisms, to conducting experiments such as gel electrophoresis


in all their diversity, exist. The human body is a complex organism made up
of many diverse systems working together to maintain life. The way in which the human body works and
how it’s perfectly adapted to this world is something that is
unmatched in its wonder. My interest and excitement for laboratory work is
due to the limitless potential of the life sciences and the opportunity for
discovering world-changing breakthroughs. My desire to understand life on a
deeper, biological level and to be involved in the discovery, analysis and
diagnosis of cells and disease has inspired me to pursue a career in
biomedical science.
I am a highly motivated and enthusiastic second
year Biomedical Science undergraduate at the University of Essex. The course
has taught and allowed me to develop many key skills influencing my
development as an effective student. 
For instance, I have learnt effective information retrieval from
lectures and the writing of scientific reports and essays to giving PowerPoint
presentations and having effective time management. My time at university has
required me to meet and submit work for several deadlines; all within short
spaces of spaces of time. This meant I had to organise and prioritise tasks
so that I could submit my work before designated due date and still achieved
excellent results.
I have become proficient in conducting key
research and analysing data in a detailed and scientific manner. I was able
to achieve this through laboratory sessions for modules which I undertook approximately
twice a week. I was able to develop a strong knowledge of diverse modern
laboratory topics, instruments and hands-on techniques which range from:
preparing specimens, using cell cultures, mixing chemical solutions to
conducting experiments such as gel electrophoresis chromatography and protein
purification and recording the data for these tests. I believe that I possess
the expertise in performing a full range of tasks to ensure lab efficiency
and productivity. Additionally, I have particularly enjoyed modules in
microbiology, and biochemistry and I’m particularly interested in the
pathogenic effects of viruses and bacteria and how they cause changes in
human cells. I believe that I also possess the aptitude to integrate superior
organisation and communication skills across all levels of research and
testing giving me the ability to easily understand and carry out directions
from superiors and peers.
I was able to undergo work experience which included
the opportunity to visit the histology department at Colchester General
Hospital whereby I was able to see biomedical scientists working first hand.  Here, I was able to appreciate the impact of
a laboratory role on patient care that the laboratory findings had a key
clinical significance for patients and that research is essential in the diagnosis
of disease. Furthermore, enabled me to apply my educational knowledge within
the practical world.
My communication skills can be demonstrated through
my involvement with the university society Enactus and my part time job. This
is applicable to the role of Undergraduate Researcher as working with others
on a project will require essential team cohesiveness. I am also a Peer Mentor
within the Biological Sciences department in my university. The role involves
providing guidance and information to first year students showing my ability to
be a leader. Being able to balance both extra-curricular activity and academics
further demonstrates good time management skills.  
I believe that my passion for medical research
complemented by my extensive knowledge of laboratory techniques will
translate into dedication to the work as an Undergraduate Researcher in the
school of bioscience at the University of Salford alongside Professor Steven
Morrissey. I would be honoured to work with and believe I possess the drive
and determination to ensure success working alongside this multidisciplinary team.


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