One to do for the daughter I already

section of the book focuses on Anna suing her parents for medical emancipation
and finds herself in need of a lawyer in order to make this a possibility. She
hires Campbell Alexander to fight for her case in court but there are times
when it appears that the lawyer is taking advantage of her to only benefit
himself. He states himself that the “case is a lock”, that he won’t “have to do
any legal research” and that the “case will generate a ton of publicity” for
him and will “jack up my pro-bono for the whole damn decade”. Another character
in the novel states that “not necessarily because it’s in Anna’s best
interests…but because it’s in yours” when Campbell is talking about protecting
Anna’s legal rights. Using Anna to make his public image look better is in
violation of Article 36 of the UNCRC which clearly states that “children should
be protected from any activity that takes advantage of them or could harm their
welfare and development” (UNICEF). Taking advantage of Anna because of her age
seems to be a recurring theme in the book. Not only does her lawyer see her as
nothing but an easy court case win but her parents, particularly her mother,
immediately assume she’ll go through with a risky operation without asking her
first. They also believe that due to Anna’s age they will be able to over ride
any decisions in order to benefit themselves and Kate. This conflict of
interest is what drives Sara to exploit her child by only considering her as
body parts to be donated to Kate. Sara voices that “I have thought of this
daughter only in terms of what she will be able to do for the daughter I
already have…Then again, my dreams for her are no less exalted; I plan for her
to save her sister’s life.” These words suggest Anna is being exploited for
personal gain as she is no longer considered a child but solely the person who
will save her sister’s life.


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