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NAME: Jayashree Naidu


LECTURER: Aine McManus

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COURSE: MSc International Business





start-ups or café restaurants do not effectively use ERP even after knowing the
causes or errors behind. This result, because they do not get effective
thoughts of productive ERP implementations and its benefits of driving it into
the business. This article addresses coherence, which can stigmatically improve
the implementations and how to utilise it for driving in good number of
customers. This article aims to provide a structured approach that can use to
improve the technical and customer based ERP’s.


1.    Section: Dyo Art café

am reviewing a coffee shop named Dyo art café which was started in Bangalore,
India.  It has its outlets in every nook
and corner of the country. It’s a new café which has planned to spread across
middle-east, eastern Europe, Egypt, Eurasia. They are mostly involved in business
to consumer (B2C) model. It is also a manufacturer model consisting of brand
integrated content. The biggest competitors for Dyo art café are: barista, café
coffee day, Starbucks, Matteo café, Costa. Indirect competitors are Nescafe.


Product description:

the coffee it serves in cafes. Well-equipped roasting unit. The eatables are
catered by different vendors: Ice creams-creams bell, milk-Amul, snacks rom
local vendors. Enjoys trust for quality, hygiene and consistency of food.
Affordable prices. Brokerage model- buy/sell fulfilment, where they take orders
from the customers and sell them the products or service. They are not
utilising many models, where as they are using community model, open source
(local source software’s) which is not secure. Promotion happens through SMS,
television, ticket sales, tie ups with banks to promote debit cards and
associated with movies. Dyo art is exclusively meant for students and
youngsters. It’s a fun place where one can go anytime of the day. CSR focusses
on providing free education and training to villagers and offering jobs.

2.    Section:

This section narrates about
how any start-ups or low competitive café shops can implement the best ERP by
driving in huge number of customers and which is also beneficial to the
business. I would like to talk about how customers are utilising the ERP or
software in any café.  Customers are
already accessing credit card bills with their fingers on touchscreens and utilising
application to order at fast-food restaurants. But then, those are just the initial
stage. There are few productive implementations on technology to attract more

§  Firstly, Tablet
Restaurant Management, which was created by a team of
restaurateurs turned out to be productive. This iPad app provides real-time
views of tables, catalogues the menu by a selection’s name or ingredients,
sales and delivery tickets and sends queries or orders to the kitchen which is
flexible. I am suggesting this because, if Dyo art café implements such an
idea, then this could be one of the ways where they could attract customers.

§  NFC, or near-field communication, is a way to make payment
using a smartphone via wireless connection that uses radio waves. The main productivity
of it is to reduce time which is consolidated to less amount and low security

§  Customer data is like keeping track of customer transactions
in a coffee shop which allows you to offer loyalty card schemes. For e.g.: if a
customer regularly buys an expresso, but occasionally gets a more expensive drink, the system would let you
know to offer an expensive drink at a slight discount. That’s how customers get
attracted and gets to become a regular customer.

§  Coffee Shop
Manager is a point of sale software (POS) for exclusive coffee shops. It is the
most demanded software for any café shops. You have access to track hours, create
a customer relationship bond with employees, sell retail items using a barcode
scanner and perform multi tasks that will help your café run productively and
smoothly. Coffee Shop Manager also has a no-fee prepaid customer account
feature. This feature lets you set up loyalty and gift card programs, points,
buy back scheme so that you can keep customers coming back to your coffee shop.
You can find a review from the customers right in here.

§   Coffee
Shop Point of Sale (POS) by BEPOZ: Coffee Shop Point of Sale by
Bepoz quote is “Happy Customers = Loyal Customers.”  BEPOZ is designed
with just one thing in mind and that is – customer loyalty. which is why this
point of sale software is having strong customer relationship management (CRM)
features. For instance, even some café shops run email marketing campaigns with
BEPOZ by emailing customers about the prize points, loyalty prizes and coupons.

The benefits of driving this
ERP systems in addition to integrated payments:

Menu, item change management and kitchen management.

Promotions of employees.

Integration to payroll and accounting.

Employee time and attendance.

The benefits of driving this data into business are:

reporting such as detailed sales and operations reports provide as well as             customer reports provide. Inventory
and recipes capabilities are provided. Workforce management with fully
manageable employee work schedules. Customer management such as instore credit
creation, frequent buyer program tracking and rewards. Financial accountability
like integrated payment processing. Delivery routing which involves seated
guest count showed in table view screen as well as automatic ticket printing.
Point of sales such as menu item ordering achieved with just one click, POS
designed specifically for table service, quick service.

Henceforth, I would like to suggest that Dyo art café
could implement and invest in the above-mentioned technologies to gain more
customers in future. I have suggested basic technologies which is affordable which
is not too expensive. Therefore, any start-ups can implement these technologies
to grow popular among café industries like Starbucks, café coffee day, Matteo
café, costa etc.   And moreover, Dyo art
café and other start up café can invest in the suggested ERP since it is worth
and there are good packages with the best affordability.

implementations in café:

I have suggested some ERP systems which could turn out
productive and effective when its pros and cons are deeply analysed before dragging
it into the business point of view. Here, I am comparing Dyo art café with Matteo
café and café coffee day on how it can improve its ERP to become more competitive
among the café’s.

Firstly, it can begin with diagnosing how falcon ERP
is fruitful for the business and at a later stage they can go through how GoERPcloud
could be useful for the business. After instigation, they can decide which is best
for their business.


  3.1 FALCON

 POS systems
offer everything you need to effectively and productively manage your
operations. FALCON ERP Restaurant POS systems can provide integrated/internal Online
Ordering, inventory control, wireless table side ordering and payment,
real-time alerts and to help increase revenue, cut cost and boost your bottom
line with customers.

The restaurant market is a highly competitive
standing at its edge, which has low margin environment and managers need to
take every opportunity to run their restaurant efficiently and profitably. POS
solutions are the practical choice
to help streamline operations and simplify management tasks. The best ERP for any coffee start-ups
could prefer is Vend. This is a Software
which is meant to minimise time, keep regular returning and get to know
business cleverly. Vend is the cloud -based POS software designed for cafes.

3.2 GoERPcloud

It is the first
on-demand Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Marketplace that allows you to test drive
different flavours of Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, SL and CRM with
preconfigured 3rd party applications. As mentioned below, it is the most
demanded product among all other ERP’s. GoERPcloud Is ecosystem or you can call
it a mixture of Microsoft Dynamics Partners, helping businesses find the
cloud-based software solutions that best fit their present and future business
needs and data.

Coming to the ERP
point. Café coffee day uses SUSE Linux Enterprise server priority support for
SAP applications to make sure there is highest possible levels of protection
for its ERP environment. Cafe coffee day has wisely selected the ERP it wants;
hence it has become oriented. This joint solution from SUSE and SAP provides
peace of mind for café coffee day that its order management and logistics
systems are always up and running.

Whereas, Matteo café has been using a slew of cloud
services for a long time, The American coffee chain’s European arm uses Microsoft Office 365 for email and
SQL cloud services. It also uses Oracle Siebel customer relationship
management (CRM) service as its loyalty system, which is tied to
the Oracle ERP platform.


here, I took an example of Matteo café and café coffee day which are the peak
competitors of Dyo art café in India. Since they cannot adopt the ERP system
which is not that affordable, they can implement the ERP packages suggested in

Ordering and delivery
was easier was self-service and now most of the coffee shops have waiters to
take order and deliver at the table. Promotion happens through SMS, television,
ticket sales, tie ups with banks to promote debit cards and associated with movies.
CCD (café coffee day) is exclusively meant for students and youngsters. It’s a
fun place where one can go anytime of the day.



Coming to the ERP
point. Café coffee day uses SUSE Linux Enterprise server priority support for
SAP applications to ensure the highest possible levels of protection for its
ERP environment. This joint solution from SUSE and SAP provides peace of mind
for café coffee day that its order management and logistics systems are always
up and running.

speaking about Matteo café and Dyo Art café, I can suggest “OpenERP”
implementation which serves best packages, be it in menu (one tap) ordering and
delivering services just in time, discount donors and so on could easily
implement “OpenERP”.





is the table indicating the usability, security, cost-wise, implementation and
complexity of the above-mentioned ERP systems. Let mark the level and
understand the consistency of the following ERP systems.  





Falcon ERP



High level

High level

Middle level


High level

Middle level

Low level


Middle level

Middle level

Middle level


High level

High level

Low level


Middle level

High level

High level




Conclusion :

that now you know how easy it is to implement the best ERP for any start-ups café
or coffee shops, it’s time to decide an effective ERP system which suits your
coffee shops in driving customers as well as the business. Why don’t we use
communication tool in our business? “Hence, I conclude to say that choose your
ERP wisely.


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