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My name is Aisha Polk . I was born in Chicago , Illinois June 12 , 1989 . I have one older sister and one younger brother . I have 5 kids my oldest is 6 years old and my youngest 1 years old . al my kids name starts with the Letter M. I have 3 boys and 2 girls . Most of my time im with my kids trying to make fun activites so they can do . Just enjoying the time that I spend with them . I work from 8 a.m till 1p.m and when they get home im always doing something fun with them . In my spare time I do hair and make tshirt and shoes . I enjoy what I do . Before I decide I wanted to get my cda I was in school for cosmology. I want to go back but I have problems with my hands and it stopping me from doing that .
I love working with kids . I love helping kids and just seeing kids having a smile on their face . I enjoy planning fun activies so the kids can always have a great time . I find myself looking up projects that kids would enjoy . My aunt had her own day care center and I would always voulteer to help her . Working with her I learn a lot about kids and they have difereent learning styles . I realize some kids learn from vison or just sitting down reading on their own .
After the CDA course I would like to start working at a day care center . So I can really get a one on one with the teacher and learn all I can learn . Down the line I would like to open my own day center


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