I. can be kept either at the

I. Voltage source inverter (VSI): It is a power electronic system consists of switching devices (IGCTs, IGBTs, GTOs), which can generate a sinusoidal voltage at any required frequency, magnitude, and phase angle. It converts dc voltage to ac to regulate the load.

II. Voltage injection transformer: This transformer connects the DVR to the distribution feeder and couples the injected compensated voltage to the incoming supply voltage. The AC voltage supplied by VSI is stepped up by using injection transformer to the desired voltage level. It is either connected in star or delta winding. The amount of voltage sag/swell compensated by DVR depends upon the rating of injection transformer and inverter

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III. Output filter: It removes out the harmonics contained in the output of the VSI. It can be kept either at the inverter side or at the HV side of the transformer. If filter is placed at the inverter side, switching harmonics are prohibited to enter the injection transformer thereby reduces rating and voltage stress on it.

IV. Energy storage unit: It provides the required real power to generate compensating voltage. Energy storage devices can be lead acid batteries, flywheels, dc capacitors, super capacitors and dc voltage source. Its capacity has great effect on compensation capability of DVR. The system with large disturbance requires real power compensation.

V. Control unit: Control circuit steadily monitors the system. Its function is to detect any disturbance or faults in the system. Then it compares the distorted voltage with reference voltage and generate the switching command signals for VSI in order to generate the compensating voltage by DVR

I. Background
With Robin Hood filling in as the CEO of the Merrymen, he accumulated his group to strategize on the issues that were emerging amid that time. As they were talking about, it was getting to be clear that the association and their plan of action won’t be feasible if changes won’t occur. Especially, the accompanying issues should have been handled:
? Robin Hood’s personal campaign against the Sheriff
? The increasing size of the band
? A mission to restore King Richard back to power
? Security and vigilance (because whoever wanted to join was taken in there could be spies and traitors in the group)
? To overcome the largest competitor, the sheriff.

II. Statement of the Problem
1. How to rebuild the association to a more productive one? Sorting out the gathering into one power with a shared objective and goal. Setting up a mission and vision for such a major association and adjusting individuals to it.
2. Keeping up with consistently changing natural and financial situations
3. Changing from old war techniques to more current one which could use the workforce better.
III. Analysis
Using SWOT Analysis, the following details were taken into consideration:
? A strong team of managers including Will Scarlett in charge of intelligence and scouting, Little John in charge of discipline and archery training, Scarlock who oversees the finances, and much responsible for provisions.
? The group has a strong leader in Robin and the farmers and townspeople are loyal to him.
? Robin’s band of Merrymen is established after being in business for a year now.
? The men are highly skilled in archery.
? Robin Hood has gained strength in numbers. His band is constantly increasing with men traveling from all over England to join
? The food and supplies in the forest are being depleted at a rapid rate caused by the continuous growth of the group of men.
? It is becoming difficult to prevent the band from being infiltrated by spies because Robin could not recognize half of the men anymore.
? The sheriff has the support of Prince John.
? The organization is growing in size, but the revenues are declining.

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? A fixed transit tax could be implemented to immediately increase revenues.
? Accept the invitation from the barons to join them in their quest to collect the ransom that would release King Richard the Lionheart from his jail in Austria in return for Robin’s future amnesty.
? The baron’s assistance would alleviate problems concerning provisions.
? Expansion of the operation to geographical areas to the north, south, east and west of Sherwood
? Forest for an opportunity to create new possibilities for revenue.
? The Merrymen could kill the sheriff therefore ending his reign at Nottingham.
? An immediate downsizing of the manpower of the band would solve the issue of additional expenses due to the ever increasing size of the band.
? He could explore new means in which to create revenue other than a transit ta& which seems an unpopular choice and the current means of robbing rich merchants as they travel through Sherwood Forest.
? The men could be taught to grow additional fruits and vegetables in the forest to help subsidize the lack of game available in the forest.
? The rich merchants who once traveled through Sherwood Forest are now taking alternate routes to avoid it. Although this incurs additional costs upon the merchants it eliminates the threat of having their entire shipment confiscated by the band of Merrymen. The reduction in traffic in the route results in a loss of revenue for the organization.
? Though Robin’s band is growing at an uncontrollable rate, the Sheriff’s forces are becoming stronger and more organized too.
? The ever-growing size of the band is making it a challenge to conceal their whereabouts within the Sherwood Forest making it easier for the Sheriff’s forces to attack.
? The rapid growth rate of Robin’s organization is depleting the provisions available to them within the forest. Continuing to go to the outlying villages for supplies is not an option because with each occurrence their chance of being spotted and followed back to their hiding place within the forest by the Sheriff’s men increases dramatically.
? As Robin himself stated, there are so many men in his group now that he can hardly recognize half of them. With the great number of spies loyal to Prince John this was an ever-growing threat.
? Little John is having difficulty maintaining discipline within the ranks because there are so many men now that he is in charge of overseeing. This is too difficult a task for one person which leads to the men slacking off and playing games in downtime instead of hunting for food or concentrating on their training.
? If Robin was to accept the baron’s invitation to join in their crusade and it failed, he could cause himself and all of his men to suffer consequences in the courts.
? If a transit tax is implemented, Robin could lose the backing of the local farmers and village people.

IV. Decisions – Formulation
Robin has just a single suitable technique. He should extend his vision. He should join the noblemen and grasp a greater picture. It implies losing control. In any case, that is alright. In this manner, he won’t just have the chance to do great to others (the lord, the nobles, and whatever is left of the reliable kingdom), yet he could very well achieve his very own objectives too. He must turn into a piece of an option that is greater than himself. On the off chance that he doesn’t, he’ll shrink and spoil in his retribution spirit.

V. Actions – Implementation
The decision is to seek after transactions with the nobles and take an interest in their endeavors to re-establish King Richard to the royal position; there are a few moves that Robin should make:
? Have a gathering with the Merrymen and clarify completely the vital situation that the association ends up in as long as possible and the extreme decisions that must be made. Let everybody realize that the future does not look encouraging, that things can’t keep going as they have been, and that the time has come to diagram another course.
? Stop tolerating initiates instantly and start a program to cut back the association.
? Encourage individuals to leave the association deliberately. Maybe Little John should drop the hammer on the individuals who are not slanted to watch strict teach as a method for making a few people sufficiently miserable to clear out.
? Employ a collect technique to amplify here and now income. Maybe make scattered assaults outside Sherwood Forest to shore up listing incomes.
? Pursue arrangements with the noblemen to anchor pardon for all the rest of the Merrymen, the defense being that their endeavors have produced the cash that Robin Hood can add to the payoff for King Richard.
? Avoid additionally struggle with the Sheriff and diminish the desperation for the Sheriff to anchor fortifications. Attempt to purchase enough time in the battle against the Sheriff for the endeavors to anchor the 0ing?s discharge to manage organic product.
? Prepare to stop tasks when conditions allow. Help the Merrymen discover elective vocation occupations. Attempt to convey the association to an elegant end. Have key lieutenants build up a deliberate leave technique.
? Robin ought to actually give a large portion of his opportunity and push to helping the noblemen pick up King Richard’s discharge and ensuring that the guarantee of reprieve is respected


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