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I phone XS Amazing Facts and Tips you must be aware of It.
I would like to aware some of the amazing tips of I phone XS that everybody must know. This topic is to realize you hidden features of the new model of I phone. The following features are not only for I phone XS in fact the whole will also be applicable for the other down grade models.
Access the Dark Mode
This feature is useful for if you are reading book at night. This is called smart color inverting feature. This feature does not change the actual colors of icons and pictures. It only turns black into white and white into black.
1. Click Open the settings
2. Click on the general Tab icon
3. Click on the Accessibility
4. Find and Click on the Accessibility Shortcut
5. Click on the Accessibility short cut
6. And enable Smart color invert
7. Click three time side button will enable the smart color invert and other models press three time home button.
4K Video Recording I phone XS
1. Simply all you need to do open the camera option
2. Click on the video recording option
3. General settings allow to camera at the 1080p dimension
4. But in actual I phone XS camera has the ability to record 4k videos
5. For enabling the feature go to the settings
6. Scroll and find out camera icon
7. Open camera and find the record mode and slow mode settings default setting will be 1080p
8. Click on the settings and open the 4k 60fps settings and enable it. Now you will be able to record 4 k videos with your I phone
Adding up Virtual Home Button on the I phone XS Desktop
As everyone is aware of it that I phone XS does not have a home button. In order to bring the virtual home button at the main page of I phone. You need to follow the simple steps.
1. Click on the settings of the I phone XS
2. Click on the tab General
3. Open the Icon of Accessibility
4. Find the icon of Assistive Touch and open the icon
5. Click to open this option the button will pop up to the main screen
6. Other icons in the assistive touch are other functions that can be explore
7. This can be customized with integrating the menu

How to access help through Emergency Call Services
Mostly, it is very rare that you need to bring this feature enabled. All you need to do for setting up this feature.
1. Open the settings
2. Click on the SOS Emergency Service
3. Enable Call with side button option
4. That will enable the Emergency services from the I phone XS
5. Press the side button five times in case of emergency
Take a video record of your I phone Desktop
1. Click to access the smart menu from the top
2. Simply click the record button that
3. It will start recording video of your I phone while you are working on it
4. In order make it visible in the smart screen Click on the General and add screen recoding from the menu.
Canceling the Noise and Live Listening Aid
1. Simply to configure with your ear pods enable the ear pods
2. Open the smart control penal
3. Click on to the live listening
4. After connecting the Live Listening this will work as hearing aid and will reduce the noise from your conversations. This feature is very much useful in the crowded places.
Animoji in Instant Messaging
Animoji is also a great hidden feature that a very less people know about it. All you need to do is. Click on the message box. Open the text box who you wanted to send Memoji. A very attractive function of this feature is it replicates as per your mood. If you are smiling it will create a smiling face memoji or you can customize yourself with this hidden feature. This can also be shared with friends and family on any instant messaging platform.
Face ID Pass code
I think this feature is in access of everyone but I want to make familiar with that this feature can be figure out with some one other who can access your mobile phone with Face ID pass code.

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