Home Research PapersI live and talked.We both liked each other and

I live and talked.We both liked each other and

I mrs
maria safdar w/o mr fahad baig passport no dash currently live in Rawalpindi Pakistan.i
am a dentist by profession.completed my studies followed by a year housjob in
march 2017.it was the time my family wanted to get me married and start the
next chapter of life.they started showing interest towards marriage proposals.

My sister
nusrat safdar who lives in staines London uk is friend of my husbands sister
sobia baig.my sister and my husbands sister both showed interest in each others
family and wanted to marry me and fahad.My family liked this proposal and
talked to me about it.I was shown fahads picture and I talked to him on skype,saw
him live and talked.We both liked each other and finally in june 2017 fahad travelled
with his mother and father to see me n meet me and my family.they travelled
from uk to Pakistan on ……. We met for the first time on ……. His family got on well with my family and
from day one we liked each other n so did our families.the next day fahad asked
me for a date we met again and spent a day together had lunch and dinner
together and we felt more attraction towards eachother.That day Fahad formally
poroposed me and we decided on getting engaged.Next day on ….. fahad took me
for shopping.we got my engagement dress. . With everything in place and our families having met, we became engaged
to one another on the DATE …….
enagagement ceremony was held in infantry mess rawalpindi and it was a
nice gathering of family and friends.Over the next few days till he left we
stuck up in a close relationship.he flew back to uk on ……It was the hardest
goodbye of my life.

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the large time difference both of us kept in constant contact throughout the
time we were apart.We have been in contact through whatsapp audio and video
calls,messages and snapchat etc. we talked every day,
sometimes as much as 4 or 5 times per day for extended periods of time,He used
to call me whenever he could spare time even in between work. This gave us both
time to test our relationship while being apart, even though we had very strong
feelings, lots in common, and similar plans and wants for the future.Over this
period of time our relationship had deepened and time made us realize how we
had met our perfect partner




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