I I notice my vision is getting blurry,


was shocked to find out that Gatsby has a daughter Pamela, even though the
origin of her stories are a bit unknown, but what really bother me is that
Pamela mentions me about a plan that she had a plan for revenge. Then she stand
up saying to me:

“Well I’ll share these plans with you another time, there
are a lot of eyes and ears around us, uncle” as she said that with a big smirk
on her face as she leaves.

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After she left the café, I was left with shock and
confusion wondering about the plans that she had mentioned and I whispered to
myself “This is going to be a long day”. I was just finishing my day for work
and I really wanted to get home as soon as possible because I have been dealing
a lot on my plate about the whole revelation thing. As I reached my home around
six in the evening I lay down on my bed wondering why did this happen again. I
went to the bathroom feeling tired and washed my face and I notice my vision is
getting blurry, and my head is spinning because I have not had a good rest.

As I went to bed I immediately went to bed then as I was
sleeping there was a heavy storm but that didn’t bothered me until I heard a

“Nick…”, “Nick…”,”Nick…”

Then I woke up suddenly seeing Jay, Jay Gastsby! I
screamed to myself “No, this is impossible!” I must be seeing things and just
saying to myself I’m just tired and everything and all I need was a good night
sleep. But out of curiosity I want to take a look again if it was really him so
I looked at the end of my room and he is gone.

“Hahaha, I was just seeing things yeah that’s it”

“I’ll check the entire room just to be sure” I said to
myself shaking with fear

As I checked the entire room there was no one there no
trace of any kind that someone has invaded my home and every door I have in
this house creaks, like the ones in a horror movie.

I sighed in relief saying to myself “It was nothing after
all” I looked at the clock, it was four o’clock, and I could not get any sleep
anymore so I went straight to the bathroom and get a nice hot shower to get
ready for work and wait for morning because my work starts around nine o’clock.

I washed my face on the faucet and as I lifted up my face
and as the water runs down my eyes I saw him again! I turned around like I
thought that there was a serial killer behind me, I could not believe my eyes
it is him. I blinked my eyes a thousand times to be sure but it was really him
as bright as day, the image of his entire body is very pale, transparent and
also glowing it’s like he is intangible and levitating and I can see it very
clearly even bathroom light is open.

 I stood there in
shock not knowing what to do,I froze in place because fear has passed through
my entire body. Then suddenly his mouth moved and begins to say something to

“Help me, I-I want revenge” he said but his voice is
cutting out like a broken record.

“Help her, old chap do it for me” as he said that his
voice faded and so did the ghostly figure.

After that I laugh like a maniac as if I was losing my
sanity, I took a shower as thoughts begin to flood my mind about my good friend
Jay. I was the only real friend in his life, I was the only one who was there
when he died everyone else who was there in his life was garbage. But ever
since he appeared himself to me it’s like he wants vengeance it’s like a sign
from God that he needs help.

But as his only friend I’ll do it, I will listen to
Pamela’s plans and execute a plan of vengeance for Jay. Those people who did
not even help him makes my blood boil and I can’t wait to make his empire whole
again I will be king and make his daughter my most trusted right hand.







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