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I believe my current work, choice of major, and families I talk to has shaped my thoughts to lean towards making vaccinations mandatory. As much as I promote natural healing process through the immune system, I feel the level of disease has risen, to a point, where the immune system may not be able to handle certain diseases. I cannot imagine the world, as it is now, not being vaccinated. It is important that vaccinations are mandatory because children will become our future and protecting the future of the population should be major concern for the people currently.

The vaccinations should be mandatory for a child to attend a public school. Some believe that immunization should not be mandatory for their child to be enrolled in school due to religious beliefs Although many people are under the assumption that vaccinating children should not be mandatory, the reality is that they should be required to, not only maintain a healthy environment in which disease is not a factor, but also the advantages and benefits that are produced from child vaccination outweighs the negative outcomes. Getting a vaccination could not only save your life, but could also save you a large sum of money as well (Teen Ink, 2014). According to a study by the CDC, “for every $1 spent on vaccination related procedures, the public saves $6.30 worth of medical fees that would be saved from treating those who got infected from not getting a vaccine”(Teen Ink, 2014).

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Diseases like the whooping cough, in 2010 and 2014, is highly contagious and one of the commonly occurring disease in the United States (Health Line, n.d). This puts the life of others, especially those who are too young to receive vaccines or those whose religious beliefs does not allow the use of vaccines, in danger. The disease that put children in danger are what causes epidemics, which can kill hundreds of people. Parents who refuse to give their children vaccines should also be charged with negligence but not required to be jailed. A form of consequence will be to pay for the damages caused to the family or hospitalization fees. With that, it will show that, as parents, vaccination is form of safety, as is it would be expected in all others areas of the school. The disease that caused harm to the child could have been prevented with vaccinations and proper education about vaccines. This issue could have been resolved if proper education was given to the parents of the unvaccinated child. More education needs to be done about vaccinations and more people should be encouraged to get vaccinated worldwide.



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