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How to Pick the Best mp3 Player
You won’t find many people walking about without some kind of earphones on and music in their ears. Most of us are using our smart phones to get music and other audio performances, but there are many benefits to using a dedicated mp3 player for your entertainment on the go. We’ll talk about that later.
If you have decided to go with mp3 player, where do you start?
There are plenty of them on the market, so it might be hard to make a choice.
To make your life easier, we talked to Matt Ham, founder and CEO of Computer Repair Doctor, an expert in all things electronic, about what to look for in the mp3Player and what to avoid. We also did extensive research, compared many devices, and talked to users to bring you the best ones and to show how to pick something of value to you.
We hope that this guide will point you to the right direction and help you make an informed purchase.
Why choose mp3 player over the smart phone?
• We store many apps, photos, and videos on our phones, so space for music might be limited.
• If you want to listen to a lot of music, it might run down your phone battery pretty quickly and kill it in the middle of the day.
• If you want to listen to music while excising and sweating, use cheap player that you won’t be sorry if broken.
• Lots of mp3 players are very durable and even waterproof.
• Physical buttons can help skip through track and make adjustments, like volume.
Considerations while selecting mp3 player
You have to know what you want from your player before starting the shopping. Most people make the mistake of choosing a particular brand versus a model. Do some research on the products and find out what’s important to you.
1. Battery life
Battery life is what mp3 players are famous for. Some models can give you up to 60 hours of life. Can you imagine that much music? Even the cheapest models will last for 20 hours. Look for exact specs when looking for your next mp3 player.
2. Size
Size really matters here. Some users might want an mp3 player that will fit in the pocket while others will desire large and fully functional, featuring colorful touchscreen for navigation, large memory and camera for photos.
You can’t go wrong there as long as you know what your needs are and what functionality you are looking for.
3. Hard drive vs. solid state
Some modern mp3 players have their own hard drive, kind of like computers. Others are solid state. Those have no moving parts and store songs and photos on an SD card. Players with hard drive have more storage, so you don’t have to worry about periodic downloading. Solid state mp3 devices are usually lighter, smaller, and less fragile.
Again, the choice is completely yours.
4. Storage
This parameter is very important because it will determine how many songs will fit in your device. The largest ones have 128GB and obviously can fit a lot of music. They can be with hard drive or solid state. The smallest ones will have 8-16GB and will fit 1,000-4,000 songs.
5. Display
The tiniest mp3 players have a very small screen where you will see the name of the song and a button to skip the song. That’s the only thing you can do on this player – no other navigation or selection is supported.
They are fine for exercising and music listening when you don’t want to take any action on your device. If you are in the mood for something more specific and are planning to do a lot of adjustment of music, look elsewhere.
If you are looking for more control, you should consider mp3players with full touchscreen, enabling full navigation between songs, artists, and albums. This is another end of the spectrum.
Useful tips:
• Durability should be very important. So ask questions about the periods of continuous work and longevity.
• If you need a player for exercising, consider models with a built-in clip.
• Some mp3 players have FM radio if you want to listen to radio.
• Some mp3 players can increase capacity with an SD card in addition to hard drive storage.
• Make sure your mp3 player supports the format your music is in. iTunes music comes in AAC format, so get something that supports this kind of files.
• You might want to get a player that will hook up to your car, so that you will never have to carry CDs again.

6. Price
The range of prices is great in the mp3 player world. The most simple, small, screen less, 8GB player can be bought for $15-20. A fancier, touchscreen, good brand device will be anywhere between $200 and $300. If you want to go crazy and get the best of the best, you can do that for $600+.
Medium range decent mp3 player, with good quality audio, but no Wi-Fi connectivity, touchscreen, and other extra features will cost you about $50.
Five mp3 players that we recommend:
• Apple iPod Touch 32GB 6th Generation
• Sigomatech 8GB Swimming MP3 Player
• AGPTEK 8GB Bluetooth MP3 Player
• Dansrue Music/Movie MP3 Player
• Pyle Fextreme Waterproof Sports Wearable MP3 Headset, 4GB

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