How and we fail. A more important and

How to
Build Muscle: Strength Lessons from Milo of Croton


The most
famous wrestler from the 6th century, Milo of Croton, was known for his unbelievable
strength and unique way of training. He admired the Greco wrestlers in Croton
and from his childhood, he decided to
become a wrestler.  

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He won six gold medals in a row in wrestling champion at the
Ancient Olympic Games. He was awarded the title “Periodonik?s”
meaning ‘the grand slams’ for five times.

He trained
himself very cleverly and progressively.

The question
is how to build muscles and increase strength like him?

There is a
story about the training of Milo of Croton.

Instructions to build Muscle like

Milo used
very easy and significant weight training method.

Close to
Milo’s house, a calf was born. The
wrestler chose to lift the little creature up and lift it on his shoulders. He practiced
this exercise for four years and raised a calf to bull on his shoulders. Every day
calf was growing up and so as his strength. It is said that he was the
strongest man in Greece and who can lift the bull easily. The main technique or
idea is within this story.

The main
principles are-

start with light weights

He did not try to lift the bull for the
first time. He started with a calf. Given his wrestling ability, it is likely
this was a weight that was simple for him. This formula works for us also,
increase your weight slowly and steady.

No cheat day

Never skip the training is the main point. Think in that way-
if he thought of training with calf only twice a month or twice a year, would
be the results same? Would he have
developed same strength and muscles? No, of course. The calf would have become
excessively huge and Milo would have not that huge to lift the bull. Don’t overdo
anything, you may get injured and next day you won’t go for training because
now you are afraid of injuries.

On every New
Year or on the very emotional day we make resolutions to do things or to continue
gym regularly. But we continue it for not more than a month and we fail.

A more important
and valuable step is, to begin with, a very
small activity that is so natural you cannot say no to it. It should be so
simple and easy that you don’t feel like missing it. Slowly increase your
training and increase your strength. Do the things that are easy to maintain
and take a proper diet with it.

It’s not
possible to gain muscles in the week, it
requires proper training, dedication, and
motivation to keep going.



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