Hawthorne helps the society. She turns her

demonstrates that the Puritan society as hypocrisy is the cause of Hester’s
suffering than the original act of her crime of adultery. Throughout the novel,
Hester is fraught by the Puritan society and her suffering is an effect of how
evil society is. Hester continues to believe that the crime she committed was
not wrong and she should not be punished for it. Her desire to protect and love
Dimmesdale, turn her into a stronger person and become a heroine in the book.
Although society still views her as a “naughty baggage” and is punished for her
wrongdoing, Hester never thought to take revenge on them, yet she gives
everything she has to the unfortunate and leaves herself with very little. She
continues to stay positive no matter what society has for her. The hypocritical
society is blinded by how they should punish Hester that they are not showing
kindness to Hester. Hawthorne creates the book to show how an individual spirit
must overcome the difficult obstacles in the society cultural boundaries.

as Hester continues her good deeds, the letter on her chest slowly changes from
A for adultery to A as Able. The letter “A” was created as a punishment to
signify what society views her as, but as Hester continues to help others, they
start to see Hester’s letter change to able. the people began to say that it
stood for “able; so strong was Hester Prynne, with a woman’s strength.”
(Hawthorne 243) Hawthorne shows how Hester is overcoming the problematic
obstacles as she continues to stay strong for her daughter and herself. This
concludes the new meaning of the scarlet letter on her chest to symbolizes the
goodness she has done for the society. Even though Hester went through many
difficulties from the treatment of their Puritan society, she continues to stay
strong and waits for her love to return.

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Hester is being isolated from society, she continually helps the society. She
turns her crime into an advantage and shows her compassion to those in need. No
matter what she does, the puritans’ society still see her as a person who
committed adultery and will not bring her back into their society. Hester
struggles to find herself but with the help of her daughter and the hope that
one day she will reunite with her lover she manages to survive. The puritan
society is cruel for what they did to Hester. She only sinned because of love,
and she tries to redeem herself for the destruction she has caused by aiding
those in need. Hawthorne even explains that Hester would wear clothing that was
made of rough materials and give the best to her daughter and the poor and yet
the hypocritical society only sees her as “naughty baggage” (Hawthorne 78). She
works hard each day to support her daughter, and through the toughest time, she
continues to move forward.

is a free soul woman who believes she is not wrong for the crime she committed
she believes that loving someone is a right and not a sin. To her being married
to a man who she does not love is a punishment rather than happiness. She wants
to love someone who would treat her the same way she treats him. Hester rejects
the Puritan laws and believes that she should not be punished for following her
heart and sacrificing herself for the one she loves. As the story continues the
puritan society forces Hester to tell who the man was, but because of Hester’s
undying love for Dimmesdale, she refuses “I will not speak answer Hester,
turning pale as death,” (Hawthorne 103). Because of Hester refusal to announce
the name of her lover she is sacrificing herself to prevent him from getting
into trouble. Hester does not care how the society views her, but she knows
that the freedom to love someone is more powerful than any law in the

Puritan society thinks that it was their job to punish people who committed
crime severely because they believe they were doing god’s work. They persecuted
Hester for committing adultery while they are blinded by their own guilt of
hypocrisy. Hawthorne reveals the real faces of the Puritan society through
their harsh punishments. “Society shall have grown corrupt enough to simile,
instead of shuddering it (Hawthorne 86)” Hawthorne even state in his own story
that the Puritan society is so corrupt that it is enough to make the people
laugh at Hester’s punishment. The people see Hester’s punishment as entertainment
than tremble in fear of what might happen to them if they do not obey God’s
work. The Puritan society are so hypocritical in punishing Hester that
themselves are not acting like a good christens to help those and forgive them
and yet they watch as Hester’s punishment as entertainment.

In the “Scarlet Letter,”
Nathaniel Hawthorne portrays hypocrisy of the Puritan society, where the
protagonist Hester Prynne face many consequences of her actions and the how she
tries to redeem herself to the society. During the seventeenth puritans believe
that it is their mission to punish the ones who do not follow God’s word and it
is their job to stop those from sinning. Therefore, the hypercritical puritan
society punishes Hester harshly for committing adultery. In Hester’s mind, she
believes that what she did was not a sin but acts of love for her man.
Eventually, she redeems herself by turning her crime into an advantage to help
those in need.


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