From Shisha Shop, which is based in

From the social security it is needed to
get the registration of the company in social security department, the
Autonomous Registration, the Work Center Registration, the Labor Calendar,
which must be visible, risk assessment and labor risks prevention plan,
guestbook and compulsory insurance for accidental cases (Documentación
Necesaria Para Abrir Un Bar 2017).


From the Spanish Protection Agency are
needed the declarations before the Protection Agency of personal data bases of
the workers, suppliers or clients, and security document if the data is on a
private computer (Documentación Necesaria Para Abrir Un Bar 2017).

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Besides getting a standard entertainment
& music license, it is needed to obtain from the Spanish Society of Authors
and Publishers the registration of entities that manage copyright and protect
the rights to be able to use TV, radio or music devices.


Obligatory posters in the local are the
opening and closing hours of the premises, always within the legally
established one, prohibition of consumption and sale of alcoholic beverages to
minors under 18 years old, prohibition of dispensing tobacco to children under
18 years old and the license of the establishment opening with the capacity of
the establishment (Documentación Necesaria Para Abrir Un Bar 2017).




When opening the lounge bar business it is
important to have qualified and loyal products providers. The main food and
drinks vendors are going to be Carrefour and Consum. The first one is a French
company, which has one of the widest selection of products, as food as
beverages. The second one is a company that is originally from Valencia and
currently it is one of the principle distribution sector enterprises in Spain.
The wines are going to be provided by Vinos Calpe due to close distance between
Hookah Space and the vendor, and good price-quality ratio.


The main hookah products provider is going to
be Medusa Shisha Shop, which is based in Valencia. The owner of this enterprise
is the colleague of the author, so it can be said that this provider is credible
and first in the list of partnerships to make.


The banking and accounting are going to be done
with book-keeping and card machinery through other accountant enterprises. The
main bank of Hookah Space lounge bar is going to be La Caixa.


Almost all the digital devices like computers,
tablets, telephones, etc. are going to be provided by FNAC. Internet provider
is going to be Vodafone. The vendors of kitchen equipment and machinery will be
mainly Allforfood and also Dakota Horeca.


Design for Hookah Space is going to be done
with the help of the general manager and Natalie Moss English Architect
& Design. Utensils provider will be Villeroy & Boch, the furniture and
decoration materials vendor will be IKEA and Leroy Merlin.




To sum up, running a hospitality business has
become one of the most popular directions for entrepreneurs, particularly in
warm countries, like France, Italy, Greece or Spain. In case of the last one,
this country has sufficient resources to open this kind of business:
Mediterranean Sea, wonderful weather, high level of incoming tourists, rich
variation of products and just a simple happiness. The lounge bar Hookah Space
is going to be located in Calpe, little touristic town, which is considered
basically a paradise on Earth, because of its beaches, views and never-ending
summer. This kind of business is demanded due to high popularity grow of hookah
smoking and in general this type of leisure. People, who seek for bars in
Calpe, are normally residents or tourists. Both groups look for high-quality
service and unforgettable memories from vacation or switching the mind after


Hookah Space is going to provide to its
customers a big variety of different hookahs made by a qualified specialist,
different types of professionally-made cocktails, snacks & appetizers made
by a professional chef cock, and unique music creating for people a relaxed and
friendly atmosphere. The
food provided at Hookah Space lounge bar is going to be based on the
Mediterranean cuisine and made only from naturally-grown and
ecologically-friendly products. What is more, a wonderful location is going to be one of the most great-requested
customer attractions. The bar is planned to be located in the beginning of the
beach El Arenal right on the top of a little hill, from where there are going
to be opened the views onto sea, huge rock (Peñón de Ifach) located in the natural park, town
views and beach sunsets. With a special invited DJ, all the outside views and,
in particular sunsets, are going to be accompanied by a suitable for that
music. On specific days the live music shows will take place at the lounge bar.


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