For just human nature that we are

For the
Enrichment Activity, I am writing about the Excerpts from Dr. Henry Eyring’s
short books, Faith of a Scientist and Reflections of a Scientist. I got to know
many new things about finding the truth that I had never even considered. As a
human being, we believe that our purpose here on the earth is to Find truth
wherever it may be found. If we are worthy, we will receive the truth through
feelings, visions, thoughts and dreams. It is just human nature that we are
curious and that we want to have all the answers.

            After reading the Excerpts, I totally
agree with Dr. Henry Eyring. In his speech he chose to talk about people living
in the moon, how the universe got wound up, the relation of science and
religion, and many more. I, being a non-religious person, I agreed his words.
Discovered truth that came up with scientific experiments and the revealed
truth that was revealed by god are related with one another. As President
Eyring said “It is impossible for a man to be saved in ignorance.”, if a person
ignores a religion and revealed truth it is not possible to save him. Where
science cannot prove, religion comes in hand. Scientists can discover how the
universe was made but they can never find out why it was made that when
religion answers the question.

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            God has given us the promise to know
the truth for ourselves. We
can find truth when we seek the Lord with a sincere heart and real intent. And
so, we will find the answer for the question that science cannot prove,” Why?”.
We have such great gifts to learn truth such as through newspapers, radios, and
the internet. Everyone of us has to find the truth and gain their own testimony
of the truth.

I learned that Sir Isaac and Galileo both were deeply
religious, which means they also supported religion with science. When
president Eyring was about to leave for the university of Arizona his father
Said, “Son, you don’t have to accept anything that isn’t true to believe the
Gospel. Learn all you can. If you live clean and are not profane, you will stay
close to the Gospel. If you will do these things, I’ll be satisfied with the
result.” I wanted to quote this phrase because he says that his son doesn’t
need to accept anything that isn’t true to believe the gospel, but he should
rather live a simple and clean life as taught by the Lord, Jesus Christ.

At first, my perspective was changed because I used to
believe that religion and science can never be together, and the revealed truth
differs from the discovered truth but as I went through president Eyring’s
lecture I saw that the revealed truth and discovered truth are the same but
only the difference is the way to prove it. And now my perspective is
strengthened, as I read through the material I saw the revealed truth is 100%
true but the discovered truth cannot be sure that it is 100% true.


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