Food cost-effective and mobile way of selling foods

Food truck industry have
been trending and receiving a very good response in Malaysia in the recent
years. With a cost-effective and mobile way of selling foods to consumers, it
is not strange to see many food trucks operating in every city. However,
although this is a very well-responded and good earning business, it will also
bring a few risks to the business owners.

Vehicle Risk

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The first
potential risk that we will find in the food truck industry is the vehicle
risks. Unfortunately, cars accident and collisions are one of the biggest
threats on the road. According by the Jambatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ), there
is nearly 1.2millions cases of car accident in the year of 2017. Besides that,
JPJ also reported that larger vehicles like trucks and Lorries are more likely
to involve in a car accident. Therefore, it will be costly for the food truck
owners to repair their car if they had damaged their truck.

Operating Risk

The second
potential risk is operating risk. Staffs and employees is arguably the largest
assets and the backbone of the company. Although they are important to a
company, but they will also be a liability to the company sometimes. Not only
the business will face vehicle risks, the employees will also fall a sick,
falls on the truck, burnt by cooking oil and many different type of risks when
they’re working. When they are injured, the company will have lack of manpower
to operate the business.


weather will also be an issue and problem to food truck owners. We may have a
very systematic operation for the food truck, but when the weather doesn’t
cooperate, we won’t be able to make any business for the day. In Malaysia, the
weather will always be rainy, this will be a major problem to food truck
owners. No customers will like to eat in at wet and muddy table. We can control
the quality of the food, but we can’t control the weather.

Storing the

Last but not
least, storing the groceries is also a major problem for food truck owners.
First issue of this problem is due to the frequently changing of location of
food trucks, we will have to switch suppliers for buying the groceries. This
will cause inconvenient for truck owners because the groceries that we buy
might be different price every time. Another issue to this problem is that when
we buy the groceries in bulk, there will not be enough space to store the
groceries in the truck because the space are limited. The truck have to save
space for kitchen appliances, sinks, and etc.



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