Firstly, knowledge to understand real business world examples

Firstly, you need to understand the entire course content, this is key. This is practised through Base knowledge tests. Secondly, you must also have the ability to interpret assignments in Paper 1 and 2, and use the information to fulfil all of the assessment criteria, from knowledge, to application, analysis and evaluation. You may also have to demonstrate skills such as drawing or calculating. This is practised in class and the regular Tests.
Fundamentally, one of the main aims of the new course however, is to get you making connections to real world examples in the form of case studies (context). Can you use your knowledge to understand real business world examples and discuss them in a coherent manner? Can you understand the relationships between concepts, for example, how globalisation has influenced ethics, or how change requires certain strategies? You are already familiar with the acronym GECCIS, now changed into CUEGIS (Change, cUlture, Ethics, Globalisation, Innovation & Strategy).
Change: reflecting the greater speed with which decisions need to be made and circumstances change in the operating environment of most businesses.
Culture: appreciating that businesses need to align a broad spectrum of individual, collective and societal goals.
Ethics: emphasizing the fact that the ethical considerations businesses face are substantial and near all pervasive, instead of being peripheral and isolatable.


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