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Effects of globalization on economic growth
Globalization is ideal for economic growth through cooperation between countries with economic strength and those whose economies are still developing. It is seen as a way through which developing countries can do better economically. Barriers are broken to ensure free flow of capital, goods and technology. Factors such as advancement in technology, development of infrastructure, telecommunication and the widespread usage of the internet have made globalization easier. Some of the positive effects are immigration, increased markets, increased competition between businesses, spread of wealth and technological advancement. However, globalization has its disadvantages such as inequality, interdependence, and the possibility of dominance by few countries. There are both positive and negative impacts of globalization on economic growth.
Globalization has led to increased markets due to the easy flow of goods and capital within different regions. Increased imports and exports also contribute greatly to earn more income hence mutual benefit. It has also enhanced distribution of wealth. When international companies relocate or open other branches in a country they pay taxes and also create employment to the people in that country.increased competition helps to increase the quality oof good and services. since the consumer has a variety to choose from the producers have to ensure that their products march up to the expectations of the buyers. Technological advancement also comes in handy to improve the quantity and also the qualiy of products.
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