Drug ?any ?illegal ?drugs ?can ?be ?very

Drug ?legalization ?continues ?to ?be ?a ?very ?controversial ?topic ?, ?with
most ?people ?advocating ?for ?not ?legalizing ?illegal ?drugs like
marijuana. ?However, ?drug ?legalization ?may ?offer ?some ?beneficial
effects ?to ?the ?community ?in ?general. ?The ?violence ?linked ?to ?dealing
in ?illegal ?drugs ?is ?mainly ?due ?to ?its ?illegality. ?However, ?drug
legalization ?would ?encourage ?the ?regulation ?of ?the ?drug ?market.
Using ?any ?illegal ?drugs ?can ?be ?very ?costly ?and ?that ?is ?why ?most
dependent ?users ?opt ?to ?steal ?so ?as ?to ?get ?money ?for ?buying ?drugs. If
drugs ?will ?be ?readily ?available, ?businesses ?can ?commercialize ?on
this ?and ?encourage ?people ?to ?buy ?and ?eventually ?be ?addicted.
Even ?unhealthy ?items ?that ?are ?legal, ?such ?as ?alcohol ?and ?cigarettes,
are ?prohibited ?from ?being ?sold ?to ?children. ?Children ?can ?be ?easily
trapped ?in ?the ?web ?to ?drugs. ?Doesn’t ?matter ?legalising ?Marijuana ?or
legalizing ?alcohol ?drugs ?are ?same ?children ?can ?be ?easily ?trapped ?in
web ?of ?Drugs. ?But ?their ?is ?a ?legal ?age ?of ?19 ?years ?for ?consuming
drugs. ?19 ?year ?old ?child ?is ?fully ?matured ?he ?can ?make ?difference ?in
good ?and ?bad.
The ?legalization ?of ?marijuana ?may ?cut ?into ?beer ?and ?other ?alcohol
sales ?across ?Canada, ?. ?”If ?marijuana ?is ?legalized ?in ?Canada, ?we ?will
see ?a ?decrease ?in ?purchases ?of ?beer, ?wine ?or ?spirits. ?So ?that’s
something ?that ?the ?alcohol ?industry ?is ?going ?to ?have ?to ?understand
and ?think ?about ?and ?try ?to ?anticipate ?what ?that ?means. ?On ?the ?other
hand Legalising ?Marijuana ?will ?profit ?the ?Government, ?because
Tegpreet singh (10660)
high ?tax ?rate ?will ?be ?imposed ?on ?the ?sale ?of ?Marijuana ?so ?that
government ?can ?earn ?money ?through ?the ?sale ?of ?Marijuana ?.It ?will
help ?to ?save ?millions ?of ?dollars ?which ?were ?spent ?equipping ?law
enforcement ?to ?sustain ?the ?prohibition ?of ?marijuana.
It ?can ?reduce ?the ?government ?expenditure ?on ?enforcing ?law ?and
security. Once ?these ?drugs ?are ?legalized ?on ?the ?streets, ?expenses
from ?enforcing ?the ?law ?of ?drug ?prohibition ?will ?be ?eradicated.
Moreover, ?the ?state ?will ?not ?have ?to ?pay ?for ?court ?proceedings,
prosecutions ?and ?sustenance ?of ?inmates ?incarcerated ?from
unlawful ?drug ?use ?and ?sales. ?However If ?Marijuana ?is ?legalised ?then
police ?can ?work ?on ?other ?important ?task ?instead ?of ?drugs ?reform.
Whether ?drugs ?will ?be ?legalized ?in ?Canada ?or ?not ?will ?always ?be ?an
ongoing ?argument. ?There ?will ?be ?people ?who ?will ?support
legalization ?and ?opponents ?who ?will ?never ?agree ?to ?legalization. ?It
is ?best ?to ?remember ?that ?anything ?too ?much ?is ?more ?often ?bad ?than
good. ?A ?drug ?should ?be ?used ?for ?its ?purpose, ?to ?cure ?ailments. ?Any
use ?other ?than ?this ?should ?not ?be ?the ?norm. ?In ?the ?end, ?it ?is ?not
really ?an ?issue ?of ?making ?it ?legal ?or ?not.


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