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I hope you doing fine and importantly in coping with your mother’s ailing condition. I promised to take a research to dig about the condition and what I found might really help and assure that mother’s condition isn’t bizarre nor peculiar thus will she be okay
Dementia is a general term for diseases resulting from an old age where there is a progressive decline in brain functionality due to damage to the brain cells. The different cells and part will hence fail in communicating properly. This affects the person’s memory retention, making rational judgments, problems in language and communication, lack of reasoning and problem solving and visual perception. Victims of this predicament will have memory loses hence have a problem with doing normal daily activities such as paying bills, preparing meals and will keep tracks on where they kept things and personal belongings. The victims will also forget they were to meet friends and neighbors or even whether they had appointments. Your mother may behave like this but there is no need to cause alarm. Dementia is associated with Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, and senility. The sources I researched on linked the sickness to the fate of aging process but remained reluctant to mention there is no cure for the treatment of this condition, however, with proper care and medical attention, the condition can be kept in control.

I hereby suggest various sources where you can find help. These resources are determined to help people living with dementia and their friends and relatives by helping them understand the condition. In specific, Alzheimer’s Resource of Alaska library and Alzheimer’s and Dementia Facts and figures are sources that helped greatly in learning more about Dementia. I browsed the resource online and they helped me greatly in understanding your mother’s condition and am optimistic that the resource will help abundantly.

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Finally, I would recommend that should ensure your mother gets regular healthy physical exercise, and practice on a healthy diet to ensure a long and healthy lifespan. I earnestly wish you all the best and progress with your mother’s health condition.

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ADAPT Research Group. (2008). Cognitive function over time in the Alzheimer’s Disease Anti-inflammatory Prevention Trial (ADAPT): results of a randomized, controlled trial of naproxen and celecoxib. Archives of Neurology, 65(7), 896.


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