Biogas many other operations that use reciprocating


is a technology that forms energy by utilizing wastes. Such as agriculture,
farm, and human waste. Other than being an alternative source of energy, biogas
can decrease environmental issues such as pollution, air, and soil. Biogas is
one of the alternative energy that commonly used by many people. Biogas itself
is produced by the bacterial decomposition and a mixture of carbon dioxide (CO2)
and methane (CH4). The most efficient biogas for stable
continuous digestion process is the biogas that produced at the temperature of
310 K and contains 65% of methane. Biogas is produced with the help of
methanogenic or methanogen bacteria. These bacterias are naturally present in
wastes containing organic materials, such as organic waste and manure. Biogas can be used for
heating, electricity, and many other operations that use reciprocating internal
combustion engine. Biogas can be produced from any raw ingredients such as
agricultural waste, manure, and food waste.  


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