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Background information
Nowadays, people often have countless health problems namely low immune system, obesity, depression, diabetes, hypertension, heart attack and kidney failure even when they are still at a young age. Health issues usually arise due to unhealthy and irregular diet. People opt for unhealthy meals as they find it cheap and tasty. To make things worse, people in the present days who are always busy studying and working often ignore or forget to consume their meals when they are loaded with work and assignments. Thus, it has become a trend for people to skip meals and eat unhealthily.
There have been a lot of researches done on the topic of effects of unhealthy and irregular diet on health. An analysis by American Heart Association (2017) reveals that diet lacking in nutrition and high consumption of unhealthy food contributed to more than 400,000 deaths from heart and blood vessel diseases in the United States in 2015. Almost half of all the cardiometabolic deaths happened in the United States in 2012 were linked to suboptimal intakes of meals (American Medical Association, 2017). Thus, it has been proven that diet is the main cause of most health issues. However, the number of people having illness caused by diet is still increasing enormously. Therefore, this research is to study the negative effects on health caused by unhealthy and irregular diet and at the same time to find out why people are still having increasing health problems even when they acknowledged that unhealthy and irregular diet is harmful towards humans’ health.
Research Problem
The study of unhealthy and irregular diet and its effects on health is important as most people in the present days do not eat a balance diet and eat on time. Many people who practise a balance and regular diet find nourishing meals beneficial to maintain their health. Nevertheless, others believe that unhealthy and irregular diet does not contribute to health problems. An answer of whether unhealthy and irregular diet harms humans’ health will bring people a clear understanding of what benefits and damages our health.
Purpose of study
This research aims to study the effects of unhealthy and irregular diet on health among youngsters.
Research questions
1. Do people nowadays have balanced diet and regular intake of meals?
2. How can unhealthy and irregular diet affect our health?


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