AdvancesJF1 for certain restaurant employees disappears, leading to

AdvancesJF1  in technology are revolutionizing
almost every single industry in the world, and restaurants are no different.
Historically, the restaurant industry was built on consumer satisfaction, a
hallmark of which was the in-person interactions between the customer and the wait
staff. Recent advancements in technology have simultaneously presented new opportunities
and new challenges for the foodservice industry, especially for the workforce.
Within the last ten years, more and more restaurant businesses, primarily fast
casual and quick service restaurants, are adopting automated ordering machines.
The automation of restaurant ordering enables the customer to be in and out
quickly, purchasing food without barely even interacting with another person.
While this improves customer efficiency, the need for certain restaurant
employees disappears, leading to massive worker displacement. The positive
effects of automated ordering machines are that they appeal to the future generation
accustomed to hyper-connectivity and emphasize efficiency for the customer. However,
the negative impact of automated ordering is that it aggravates worker
displacement. Ultimately, restaurants should transition to automated ordering because
of benefits it offers to the consumer – the ability to order quickly and the
guarantee of accuracy – and automation keeps the restaurant experience
consistent with that of modern society.

            The needs, wants, concerns, and
well-being of the customer are central to a restaurant’s success because unhappy
customers leads to decreased revenue. The restaurant industry is one of the
largest and fastest growing industries in US economy. Since 2003, with the
exception of 2009 due to the economic crisis, there has been a consistent
increase in the revenue growth of quick service restaurants in the United
States (See Figure 1).1
Increased annual revenue rates suggest that the industry is successfully
prioritizing consumer efficiency and is adapting with the changing times.

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1 Revenue of QSR industry (Graph by Statista) Accessed
January 20, 2018 at

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