According to (Tobergte & Curtis, 2013), innovation from minor changes in the delivery of products in forms of extension of product lines adding service components or product differentiation. successful innovation for example innovation that is also profitable to the firm in a competitive market must increase the value of the product or firm experience. Furthermore, product improvement such as new production process, new markets and restructuring the business product is also being the strategy that can be used for every organization. Since the value is costumers perceived quality divided by the price cost of this quality successful innovation must increase value by improving quality or by lowering price cost the production and marketing of products is distinct from industrial products and displays specific characteristics which often pose constraints or problems and hence serve as stepping stones for increasing the value of products via innovation. Besides that, produces and sells product bundles instead of products being experiences which are very intangible products cannot be stored simultaneity of production and consumption the consumption of tourism products involves the active participation of the customer prosumer and production may involve large capital assets airlines hotel chains or car rental firms or at the intermediation distribution and final consumption stage may involve interaction personnel for example suppliers and dealers of the auto parts products.

According to (Sharma, 2007) that queue is a very common situation in human everyday life. It is where customers have to wait for their turn to be served by queuing which most businesses services industry use it. This queuing system services have strong relationship with customer satisfaction because if too many customer on the line or the slow services from the employee’s will eventually lead to time consuming. A simple definition from (Taha 2003) on queue is a waiting line. (Jagdish 2008) said that a waiting line system or queuing system are consists of two causes which are the population of its customers arrive at the bank and the process or service system of the bank. Managing long queues during peak business hours has always been a huge problem for every business that use queuing system. This is the famous line from Philip Kotler (Kotler and Keller 2016) which states that the key to successful marketing of financial services is identification and packaging of customers’ needs to their satisfaction. (Suha 2015) stated that long queues are a big alarm sign for every services industry and also for the customers. Long customer queues is very common in retail bank. (Anderson 2007) It is a situation where it is very uncomfortable for the customer It shows that the bank are less respect and abusing on their customer patience of waiting. It is a huge problem for manager on the queuing system as it can affect the operation of the bank. In order to prevent this situation is to improve the bank services on serving their customers. This is because customers tends to do not like and cooperate when it comes to waiting for so long. Whenever customer feels that they have waited for so long at a bank for service, they would temporary may not come back to the bank next time when they needed a service. This issues may cause in decrease on number of customer demand and in the long term the bank revenue and profit will also decreasing. (Ronald & James, 2001) mentioned that queueing system has been largely used in the service industry in order to increase business by carefully placement of merchandising materials while at the same time alleviating both the actual perceived amount of time a customer spends waiting in line.


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