A Another architectural staple of the Greeks was

A major detail of the Parthenon
which makes it the highlight of Greek culture is the architectural genius
behind the making of the temple. The constructions of this time were so
influential that “the architecture of ancient Greece became the base of
virtually all architectural developments in Europe” (“Greek Architecture”). One of these
brilliant architectural details is the shape of the roof of the Parthenon. The Greeks
invented what was known as an entablature (“Greek Architecture”), which gave the roof an
inverted V-shape. This idea had never been used before the Greeks and this roof
shape can even be seen today on the roofs of churches, houses, and other buildings.
This sets the Parthenon into the period of Greek culture because this temple
was one of the very first buildings to ever have this roof shape and it was
because no one before the Greeks came up with this new technological innovation
or integrated it into their structures. Another architectural staple of the
Greeks was the use of columns on the exterior of the Parthenon. The corner
columns were built 1/40 of an inch wider than and slightly closer to the
columns. The reason for this was because the columns which were not on the four
corners had the background of the interior of the Parthenon, therefor there was
no optical illusion that altered the shape of the columns. However, the corner
columns were set against the blue sky and there it tricked one into thinking
that these columns were thinner and farther away from the columns around them. Thus,
to compensate for this difference, the architects made these pillars slightly
thicker and a little closer to those around it (Sakoulas, “The Parthenon”). After this, other
began to see that optical illusions such as this could be made to alter
buildings and we see this similar optical illusion today in houses that have
beams across the ceiling to make the room look taller or putting big windows to
make a room look more spacious. 


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