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Painful intermetatarsal angle (IMA) with a smaller, less prominent

Painful juvenile hallux abducto valgus (HAV) is initially treated conservatively. Whether it be altering shoe gear, using orthotics or incorporating other modifications, conservative treatment options are usually exhausted before the consideration of more invasive procedures. If symptoms persist, surgical intervention options can be explored. A major concern for operating on young patients is the possibility […]

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Due to be the drug of choice for PCI

Due to the risk of catheter thrombosis, fondaparinux should not be used alone for a patient undergoing primary percutaneous coronary intervention during acute coronary syndrome (ACS).1 The 2013 ACCF/AHA guidelines made this recommendation according to the results of the OASIS-6 trial, which showed an increase in the rates of guiding catheter thrombus when fondaparinux was […]

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By study was briefly reviewed. Afnan et al. (2015)

By responsibility a literature review you are able to critically summaries the current information in the area under search, identifying any strengths and weaknesses in previous work. A good and full literature look for will provide the context within which to rest your study. Therefore, before commencing writing my research proposal, it will need to […]

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Peter about huge changes in the lives of traditional

Peter the Great’s reforms are widely considered to be one of the most defining moments inRussian history. Beginning as an effort to modernize the country’s military, as the era progressed the reforms expanded, instigating economic development, governmental modernization, intellectual reorientation and social reconstruction. The infusion of European practices into Russia is said to set the […]

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PhD deep look at other industries shows the extent

                                      PhD Research Proposal Project Title-Building a Sustainable Industry:A conceptual study of  new integrated digital and sustainable construction Industry. Research Interest: Digitalization has brought significant changes to most industries by changing business environment and maximizes profit at the same […]

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Research part of the NGO ‘Deep shades’ where I

Research has already demonstrated the beneficial effect of analytics from monitoring early indicators of diseases to tracking effects education before they are officially recorded. An ever-increasing number of organizations have started giving importance to big data analytics for development, education, healthcare, and natural resource management, all for the benefit of society. Having worked in the […]

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