1- in the late 1983 , It becomes

1- Cover page
2- Outline of the term paper
3- Introduction
4- Brief History
5- Marketing communication plan

Zabado is a healthy snack , blend of smooth yoghurt and fresh fruits , it’s have many carbohydrates and proteins,that returns to the body and mind . In the past years was spread and achieved a great success in the local markets . it is packaging in a bottle 220gm or 440ml . This product is useful and healthy for all consumers , there is many flavors of it like Mango , Strawberry , Peach , Wild berries . Zabado gives the power throughout the day .

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Brief History :
Juhayna opened in the late 1983 , It becomes the best seller and the favorite for the consumers and extended in the Middle East . all the products of Juhayna are healthy and delicious , Zabado is a healthy yoghurt one of Juhayna productions , it begans to spread in 2001 .

Marketing Communication plan :

Overall goals of the plan :
• Build a good reputation
• Increase the profit ratio by 55%
• Increase public awareness of the product
• Target new categories of customers

Marketing Objectives :

• Focus more on attracting people towards the product through the advertisements .
• Many discounts on product prices
• Re-conquering the market and increase market share by 40%
• Ensuring not to increase the price
• Increase revenues by 50%

Marketing Strategy :
• Price : 6 L.E
• Making a new shape of packing of product
• Place : in all the markets
• Healthy smooth yoghurt juice

SWOT Analysis :

Strengths Weaknesses
• The availability of product for all the customers .
• Spread throughout the countries .
• Different types of flavors .
• Delightful for adults and young people .
• Very healthy and tasty product .
• The prices of fruits inconstant which affects the profit ratio .
• There is many competitors now for the product .
• Lack of resources for packing .
Opportunity Threats
• Few competitors in the area
• Emerging need for the product
• Media coverage for the company
• Many competitors in the market nowadays .
• Negative media coverage of the company
• Change of customer attitude towards the company .

Financial plan :
• Advertisements and campaigns include famous people will get paid by 20% of the budget .
• 4 Million pounds for social media advertisements .
• Expected profits for the coming years could increase by 45%

Prospect Identification:
• All over the world
• All genders
• Class A ,B,C
• The most healthy mix fruits yoghurt for adults and young people .

Consumer motivation :
The package is designed to help consumers adopt healthy lifestyle by facilitating and regulating digestion . Zabado products are available 4 flavors Mango , Peach , Strawberry , Wild berries. It has many proteins and carbohydrates which is returns to the body and mind to have a power .

Advertising execution :
Making advertisements through the social media like Facebook , Twitter , Instagram . Hold TV talks with the customers at product selling locations . Making many events and campaigns for social interactions . Radio advertisements with different voices of celebrities people and attract people’s attention through the booths in schools and universities .

Advertising budget and allocation :
• Campaigns and TV advertisements 4500,000 L.E
• Famous people cost 6000,000 L.E
• Billboards cost 3500,000 L.E
• Social media advertisements 7000,000 L.E


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