1. and Brazil. 10. There is no particular

1. Facts about banana
2. A banana palm is an herb, not a tree.
3. The stem of a banana can reach 10 meters in height and almost half a meter in circumference.
4. One big banana plant can give three hundred kilograms of bananas per season.
5. There are thousand types of banana known. But only 5 varieties of bananas are considered suitable for human consumption.
6. For the first time in botany, the banana was described by Carl Linnaeus in 1753.
7. One banana contains up to 300 mg of potassium, which helps to fight with increased blood pressure and strengthens the heart muscle.
8. There are different colors of banana, yellow, red, golden, green and even black.
9. Most of the bananas grow in India and Brazil.
10. There is no particular season for growing banana, it grows throughout the year.
11. Banana is a great cure for hangover.
12. About 105 million tons of banana is produced every year.
13. Bananas are 1.5 times more nutritious than potatoes, rich in vegetable protein and at the same time – no saturated fats.
14. In the 1930s, in Nazi Germany, bananas were declared “unpatriotic” fruit.
15. Banana is berries, not a fruit.
16. Banana grows from bulbs not from seeds.
17. In Philippines, fruit sauce is made from banana.
18. In Uganda, where local people eat almost bananas, each person eats, on average, 220 kilograms of bananas a year.
19. Banana has 74% of water.
20. About 100billions of banana are consumed every year in the world.
21. Bananas contains an amazing amino acid – tryptophan, from which the human body synthesizes serotonin – a hormone of joy.
22. Banana is the fourth most popular and consumed agricultural product.
23. Two bananas may well replace dinner or breakfast for calorie and nutritional value.
24. Banana grows upside down, towards the sun that’s why banana is curved.
25. Humans and banana shares 50%of their DNA.
26. Banana fibers can be used to make ropes and tea bags.
27. Bananas can be used to make wine and beer, in some part of Africa people make it.
28. Due to potassium, banana is slightly radioactive but causes no harm.
29. Banana peels can be eaten if it is cooked.
30. Banana floats on water.
31. The unripe or green banana is cooked as vegetable.
32. Peel of banana can be used to whiten the teeth.
33. In India, once a man ate 81 bananas in just half hour.
34. In 1960, people tried to get high by smoking banana peels.
35. Human and banana have about 50%of identical genes.
36. The scientific name for banana is musa sapientum which means’ fruit of wise men”.
37. Bananas are very helpful for people who suffer from constipation problems.
38. Rubbing banana peel on the insect bite provides relief from itching.
39. Banana has property of lowering the high body temperature.
40. The most popular variety of bananas is Cavendish.
41. In India, the flower of a banana is sacred and symbolizes purity.
42. In California there is a Banana Club Museum. They have 17,000 different items made up of banana.
43. Bananas are used in cosmetology and not only at home, but also as ingredients of cosmetics.
44. Banana helps in weight loss.
45. Monkeys peels banana upside down.
46. Dried bananas contain 5 times more calories than fresh bananas.
47. Banana peel is used in making soap.
48. China had banned pictures and video of using banana in seductive way.
49. 51% of bananas are eaten in breakfast.
50. Mait Lepik from Estonia won in the world’s first banana eating competition for speed. He managed to eat 10 bananas in 3 minutes.
51. 5.5 and 6.5 is the perfect pH for growing banana.
52. A medium sized banana contains about 95 calories and it provide instant energy boost.
53. In some parts of India food is serve on the banana leaves.
54. Inside of the banana peel can be a good shoe polish.
55. Once the most popular varieties of bananas were virtually extinct in the 20th century due to the spread of diseases that affect these plants.
56. Banana is the only fruit that even in infants does not give an allergic reaction.
57. The compositions of bananas include antioxidants and amino acids, and they are known to protect the body and improve immunity.
58. Bananas inhibit calcium in the body; it is not excreted with urine but remains in the body and is used to strengthen bones.
59. Rubbing banana peel during headache reduces the pain.
60. Canaan Banana was the first Zimbabwe President.
61. When weaning from nicotine addiction, it is recommended to eat bananas – a large number of vitamins, potassium, and magnesium help to remove the remnants of nicotine from the body and adapt to life without cigarettes.

Economic system may be outlined as a system that so organize and structures the resources that square measure accessible in a very country or state. Economic systems square measure the branch of social science that studies the ways and establishment by that societies confirm the ownerships, direction, and allocation of economic resource. All societies faced with the problem of scarcity. There square measure three sorts of financial system that square measure referred to as economy System, Centrally Planned or Command System and economy System. n general, the government intervention and degree of control in each system differs which also includes how they tackle economic issues and a free market, individuals are free to make their own economic decisions. For instant, customers square measure liberated to decide what to shop for with their incomes and to form demand selections. This economy will respond quickly to dynamical demand and provide conditions. However, markets don’t bring home the bacon most potency within the allocation of scarce resources, and government feel it’s necessary to intervene to rectify this and alternative issues of the free market like, competition between corporations, power and property are unequally distributed, the practices of some firms are socially undesirable, leads to macroeconomics instability, and finally there is a ethical objection in free market.
The economy of Malaya is that the third largest in geographic region,and is that the thirty eighth largest economy within the world. Malaysian labour productivity is significantly higher than neighbouring country due to a high density of knowledge-based industries and adoption of cutting edge technology for manufacturing and digital economy. According to the worldwide aggressiveness Report 2017, the Malaysian economy is that the twenty third best country within the world within the amount of 2017–2018. As we have a tendency to all recognize Malaya may be a economy system. In this economy, the degree of government intervention and the public are at balance. It is based on the free enterprise principle there is some other form of direct intervention and control by the government.Malaysia is a democratic country with excellent economic system and one of the leading country in economic terms and being an example for the economy system we are using. It combines non-public economic freedom, centralized economic designing and government regulation. Government plays major role in economic process still as distribution of wealth. For example, our government collects tax and provides subsidies at the same time for the public and have also adopted planned developmental economy and introduced five year plans. The government below this economy is claimed to be state. It introduces social insurance schemes, costs incurred that have not been paid and manages economy in the interest of general masses of the country.
In this economy, the degree of Malaysia government intervention and the public are at balance.It is based on the free enterprise principle there is some other form of direct intervention and control by the government. It may be additionally outlined as selections square measure created part by the govt and part through the market. In a economy system, most economic decisions are made by the market and several economic decisions are in hands of the government which are mostly due to scarcity for associate example selections on crude costs, oil price, sugar price and others. This is intrinsically because the market on these scarce product and services square measure abundantly protected and government intervention begins as they’re in responsibility to beat deficiency. Other government intervention in Malaysia economic system are in banking and transaction based areas where the country bank known as BANK NEGARA is to be known as the main head banks for all commercial banks in Malaysia and each and every commercial banks records need to be transmitted in the Bank Negara.
In the World Bank’s global Doing Business 2018 report, Malaysia ranked 24th on ease of doing business among the 190 economies covered in the survey (a decrease from its 2017 rank of 23).Malaysia’s ease of trading across borders remains highly ranked in international comparisons.However, is it not a totally free and open market. Malaysia’s import barriers are aimed at protecting the domestic market and strategic sectors as well as maintaining cultural and religious norms.Technical barriers such as halal certification for the importation of meat and poultry are regulated through licensing and sanitary controls. All imported beef, lamb, and poultry products must originate from facilities that have been approved by Malaysian authorities as halal or acceptable for consumption by Muslims.Malaysia was credited with strengthening access to credit by adopting a new law that established a modern collateral registry; minority investor protection was improved through the requirement for more corporate transparency; and importing and exporting was made easier through the infrastructure and equipment improvements.
However, there are still disadvantages because of economy systems. One of the disadvantages of a economy is that business owners should pay taxes they cannot management, as a result of the Malaysia government and controls tax cash assortment and defrayal. In this economy, the government has a tendency to allocate resources for social welfare, rather than for items that would boost the economy. This economy provides business owners great freedom, however this could be a drag for a few, because business owners need to find their own market. The government conjointly includes a massive hand within the economy, therefore there usually could be a ton of work and paperwork for business owners to travel through.

The economic structure of a nation could be a vital think about the progress of the country. In economy, each the govt. and also the personal sector together management the economic structure. There are numerous advantages of a mixed economy. First and foremost, mixed economy system will provide fair competition. The presence of personal enterprise ensures that there’s truthful competition within the market and also the quality of merchandise and services don’t seem to be compromised. Apart from that, market prices are well regulated. The government with its regulatory ensure that the market price does not go beyond its actual price. Additional thereto, there will be optimum utilization of national resources,In a mixed economy, the resources are utilized efficiently as both government and private enterprises are utilizing them. The combined efforts lead to rapid economic development. The economic resources of the economy square measure used expeditiously. Wastages of resources are minimised. Most importantly, people are given more power. The public have a lot of say once it involves the standard and also the costs of merchandise and services. Mixed economy additionally won’t enable monopoly the least bit. Barring many sectors, a mixed economy does not allow any monopoly as both government and private enterprises enter every sector for business. Right to own property is granted. Law of inheritance is additionally applied, so certain members of society grow richer and richer. Public sector within the economy tries to produce economic facility to the overall plenty. It reduces inequality of income. The planning commission of the country makes policies for the event of each region of the economy. The government tries to develop all regions and each section of population.
Price mechanism could be a market primarily based mechanism that refers to a large selection ways that of to merge up patrons and sellers through value. Buyers and vender use value as a signals to speak their desires, then exchange cash for product or resources, or contrariwise. It is the simplest way of transmit the customers and therefore the corporations one another through their impact on value mechanism. The prices that results are the costs that corporations and customers got to settle for.
Price mechanism works as follows. Prices will respond to shortages and surpluses. Market equilibrium purpose happens once the amount of demand and provide are equal and see one another. Equilibrium value could be a value wherever the amount demanded equals the amount equipped. It is the value wherever there’s no shortage or surplus can happens. Surplus is wherever the amount of equipped over the amount demanded once the value is on top of the equilibrium. Shortage happens once the amount demanded is over the amount equipped once the value is below the equilibrium. Here, we are able to outline offer because the temperament of the vendor to sell a decent or services. In alternative may be same because the amount of any sensible or services offered available at a given value over a amount of your time during a given market. At the equilibrium value, there’ll be no shortage or surplus. The equilibrium value but might not be the foremost fascinating value. The government, therefore, could opt to keep costs on top of or below the equilibrium value. If the govt. sets a minimum value on top of the equilibrium, a base, there’ll be a surplus. Price won’t be allowed to fall to eliminate this surplus. However, on the opposite hand, if the govt. sets a most value below the equilibrium, a value ceiling, there’ll be a shortage. Price won’t be allowed to rise to eliminate this shortage. First of all, the govt. intervention within the market will produce positive and negative results. Since Malaysia could be a economy therefore it’s a bit degree of intervention of presidency. The government doesn’t have direct intervention in everything, however it should be indirectly.
In Malaysia, government intervention conjointly exists on top of things of costs on product and services. The government would like to retain worth the worth the value mechanism either on top of or below the balance value though there’ll be no shortage or surplus at the balance price. If the Malaysia government sets a minimum value on top of the equilibrium, a floor, there’ll be a surplus. Price won’t be allowed to fall to eliminate this surplus. However, on the opposite hand, if the goverment sets a most value below the balance, a value ceiling, there’ll be a shortage. Price will not be allowed to rise to eliminate this shortage.Government sets minimum prices to prevent them from falling below a certain level. This is because the government wants to protect producers a incomes. In the factor of wages (the prices of labor), minimum wage legislation can be used to prevent workers wage rates from falling below a certain level.This is to prevent them from rising above a certain level. In war time, inflation, crisis or times of famine, the govt. might set most costs for basic product so poor folks cannot afford to shop for them. These resulting shortages however create further problems.
The government controls over the value product|of products} and inputs by onerous or subsidizing goods or services or perhaps by directly dominant the value of the market. Governments such interference area unit to realize relative financial gain from financial gain taxes to be ready to provide concern to the welfare payments and conjointly social services. As government imposes taxes on merchandise and services, these indirect taxes as they known as includes taxes for merchandise like cigarettes, hydrocarbon and alcoholic drinks. Indirect tax may be a tax on the expenditure on merchandise. These taxes aren’t paid directly by the patron, however indirectly via the sellers of the nice. Here the govt. conjointly controls most business banks in term of loan interest rates that area unit monitored by the Malaysian Bank better-known to be Bank Negara. Despite, the govt. features a direct management over the exchange rate.
In each country the govt do subsidize sure merchandise and services that square measure high in value and not reasonable by the poor community, this can be to avoid the conception of rich changing into madeer and poor changing into poorer not having the ability to measure a regular suffer sure required daily basic items. Governmental subsidiaries square measure ordinarily in formation of either product or service. Like all other countries, Malaysia as well have well understood the nation difficulties and subsidize certain goods and services which are high in price and are produced mainly for rich people. Example of backed merchandise and services in Malaya square measure like fuel, NGV gas, sugar and lots of additional.
Despite subsidiaries, Malaysia also has government intervention through their government hospitality facilities where public are treated for their medical issues at a very low price which begin with just RM1.00 for registrations. This facility by government has associate degree absolute third profit to the firm that is entirely supported by the taxes financial gain that the govt earns through taxation.
In alternative hand, government intervention conjointly exist in Malaya once it involves the difficulty of pollution, setting and heating wherever the govt sets rules and regulation to be implemented by all organizations and public to confirm of a secure living setting globally and to contribute to stay the mother earth safe. Here, government intervene with implying rules of reducing electricity wastage, water wastage and conjointly cut back the utilization of plastic baggage in searching complicated. The implementations of reducing the utilization of plastic baggage in searching complicated throughout Malaya have given a true smart feedback wherever each Saturdays square measure to be on a daily basis while not plastic bags in any shopping complex.
An economic system is the combination of the assorted bureaus. and entities that provide the economic construction that defines the societal community. Malaysia has following assorted economic systems. Mixed economic system is an economic system where there is more authorities intercession than in a free market economic system. Many of the activities of production. distribution. and exchange are undertaken by cardinal authorities. but where there is more economic freedom for the person than in a bid economic system. Assorted economic system is besides an economic system in which both the province and private sector direct the economic system. therefore reflecting features of both market economic systems and planned economic systems. Most assorted economic systems can be described as market economic systems with strong regulative inadvertence. in add-on to holding a assortment of government-sponsored facets.
The Elementss of a assorted economic system is fundamentally to include a assortment of freedoms such as to possess agencies of production like farms. mills. shops. to take part in managerial determinations in concerted and participatory economic sciences. to go ( needed to transport all the points in commercialism. to do trades in individual

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As conclusion, Malaysia practices mixed economy system which means the degree of government intervention and the public are at balance in market decision making. This economy system is mostly based on free enterprise principle but it differs as there is some form of direct intervention and indirect government intervention. The degree of government intervention on decision making in market is depending on the scarcity of the resources used in the specific market for example the government control in petroleum market in Malaysia is very high compare with the automobile market. However, the writer concludes that the price determination in Malaysia is depending on the degree of the scarcity of resources in the market and government intervention is mostly in the issue of taxation and scarce resources. Overall, hereby the government does not have direct intervention in everything but it may have indirectly through taxation.

1.0 Introduction
1.1-media preparation
Cultivation of microbes is a method of multiplying microorganisms by letting them reproduce in predetermined culture media under controlled laboratory conditions. Microbial cultures are used to determine the type of organism, its abundance in the sample being tested, or both. Any medium for development of microbes must give certain essential dietary prerequisites, which incorporate a carbon source that may likewise fill in as a vitality source, water,a nitrogen source, a phosphate source and different mineral supplements, for example, iron and magnesium.

Broth medium is a liquid medium without agar, that contains tryptone, yeast powder and other ingredients and components that basically break down in the water. The agar (a complex carbohydrate extracted from marine algae) is a cementing operator for microbiology media. When the agar is adding into broth medium cause the medium to be solidify. The agar medium is selected because it is not a nutritional component by to provide nutrient to the vast majority of the bacteria and have higher melting point (90-100 °C). The liquid agar harden at around 42 °C.

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Slants agar are created by bringing agar to the boiling point and pouring it into a test tube. Before the agar cools and solidifies, the test tube is set on its side. Once the agar is cooled, the test tube can be stored upright, and the agar inside has a slanted appearance.. Agar plate are created by bringing agar to the boiling point and pouring it into a petri dish. Before the agar cools and solidifies, the petri dish set on its side. Complex media usually contain complex materials of biological origin such as blood or milk or yeast extract or beef extract ,  the exact chemical composition of which is obviously undetermined. Complex media usually provide the full range of growth factors that may be required by an organism so they may be more handily used to cultivate unknown bacteria or bacteria whose nutritional requirement are complex. Complex media are usually used for cultivation of bacterial pathogens and other fastidious bacteria. Defined media are usually composed of pure biochemicals off the shelf. A defined medium is a minimal medium provides only the exact nutrients (including any growth factors) needed by the organism for growth. The use of defined minimal media requires the investigator to know the exact nutritional requirements of the organisms in question.
Sterility is defined as an absolute term that means the absence of all viable forms of life. Sterilization is the process of achieving sterility. In practice sterility is achieved by exposure of the object to be sterilized to chemical or physical agent for a specified time. Aseptic technique means using practices and procedures to prevent contamination from pathogens. It involves applying the strictest rules to minimize the risk of infection. Autoclaving is the sterilization by  steam at a pressure about 15 psi; attaining temperature (121oC) will kill all organisms and their endospores in about 15 minutes. The sterilization occurs by three mechanisms: temperature, pressure, and thermal oxidation. Starting values of pH 7.2–7.4 for an medium is ideal to nearly all the cells because with the too acidic or too alkaline medium that will affect the cell cultures to grow. Agar is suitable for using in this media because of good clarity, controlled gelation temperature, controlled melting temperature, good diffusion characteristics, absence of toxic bacterial inhibitors and relative absence of metabolically useful minerals and compounds.

1.2 Growing of microbes
The purpose to grow the microbes in-vitro (in the lab) is to obtaining the pure cultures . it is importance of having a pure culture, and not a mixed culture, when performing biochemical testing is that a pure culture may react much differently in isolation than when it is combined with other species. Bacteria replicates at infinitesimally long rates and one species may enforce or weaken the other. The method which is used to obtain the pure cultures are serial dilution method and spread plat method ..Conclusion
We are able to get 1.59×105 cells(colony-forming units) per millilitre of original sample from a serial dilution.


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