· Creativity: People can use many technological

helps to improve communication

It is always difficult to convey messages from one place to another
especially when a branch is located far way but with technology it is just a
click away. A person can send an email to the other side of the planet with
just a click and people can convey messages through telephone and messages to
far way places which helps the decision process among the management and also
makes it quick and effective.

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also encourages Innovation and Creativity:

People can use
many technological tools in order to create many effective and creative business
ideas. There is a place also called the internet where people can search and
link as well create many ideas from it. It helps to gain access to information
which is not even known by many experienced people which can be extracted to
construct and innovate ideas. It also helps to present ideas in a more creative
and understandable way to the audience.

improves on Human Resource Management

In workplace technology
is the key to all the screening, recruiting and hiring process done with in. It
is used to advertise, manage and allocate work to all the HR available. It changes
the way managers tend to do their job. Nowadays machine tend to do work at a
cheaper rate then human labour as well.

to save time

Technology tends
to make the work in a workplace more effective. It can do various tasks at the
same time which helps to increase the productivity. In a workplace technology is
what makes the works faster like if a person has to record and maintain records
it takes ages but if it is done on a software it is recorded and processed in
less than half the time.

Creates Mobility

The use of internet and
computers to work has eliminated space and time boundaries. Employees can work
from anywhere at any time, this mobility makes employees stay in control of
their jobs.



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